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tabulate for Package Control

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This is the tabulate module bundled for usage with Package Control, a package manager for the Sublime Text text editor.

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latest tag pypi

How to use tabulate as a dependency

In order to tell Package Control that you are using the tabulate module in your ST package, create a dependencies.json file in your package root with the following contents:

   "*": {
      "*": [

If the file exists already, add "tabulate" to the every dependency list.

Then run the Package Control: Satisfy Dependencies command to make Package Control install the module for you locally (if you don't have it already).

After all this you can use import tabulate in any of your Python plugins.

See also: Documentation on Dependencies

How to update this repository (for contributors)

  1. Download the latest tarball from pypi.
  2. Delete everything inside the all/ folder.
  3. Copy the test/ folder, the tabulate.py file, and everything related to copyright/licensing from the tarball to the all/ folder.
  4. Commit changes and either create a pull request or create a tag directly in the format v<version> (in case you have push access).


The contents of the root folder in this repository are released under the public domain. The contents of the all/ folder fall under their own bundled licenses.