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Pixelino for iOS

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Pixelino is an addictive minigame. The aim is to capture all the fields on the board by changing their color. You start from the upper left corner. By pressing one of the color buttons you capture all fields of this color which are contiguous to the fields you have already captured.

You can download the app from the App Store!

Pixelino Logo Pixelino Logo

My Motivation

I don't take any money for this app so why do I do this? To find out, read my article about this project on!


Those are a few of the technologies I use for this project:

  • Swift for creating beautiful code ;-)
  • Quick for behavior-driven development
  • Fastlane for easy testing and distribution
  • Travis CI for continuous integration
  • Slather/Coveralls for generating and publishing test coverage reports
  • Google Analytics for finding out how the users use the app and how often they win ;-)

Your Contribution

I would love to see your ideas for improving this app! The best way to contribute is by submitting a pull request. I will do my best to respond as soon as possible. You can also submit a new GitHub issue if you find bugs or have ideas for new features.

Please make sure to follow my general coding style and keep the test coverage high! :octocat: