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Deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack
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Deploying Kubernetes on OpenStack

This project bootstraps a Kubernetes cluster on an OpenStack cloud.

This will configure a cluster, network addon, and OpenStack cloud provider tooling.


OpenStack must already be running, and you will need the following variables to complete spinup:

#OpenStack Provider
user_name   = ""
tenant_name = ""
password    = ""
#OpenStack Keystone v2 Endpoint
auth_url    = ""
region      = ""

#Instance & Cluster Details
ssh_key_name = ""
image_id = ""
flavor_id_controller = ""
flavor_id_node = ""
floating_network_id =  ""
network_name = ""
lb_subnet_id = ""

in your tfvars.


Once vars are populated, plan and apply the configuration:

terraform plan ; \
terraform apply

to complete this setup.

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