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End-to-end provisioning of Packet Connect using Terraform
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LICENSE Update Apr 26, 2019

Packet Connect Terraform

This repository demonstrates setting up end-to-end connectivity between Packet and Azure using Terraform and Packet Connect.


This script will create a project, a Packet Connect object, a single VLAN, and a single bare metal instance in mixed/hybrid networking mode with the first NIC in bonded Layer 3 and the second NIC unbonded in a single VLAN attached to the Packet Connect object.


In Azure:

  • A virtual machine, virtual network, and virtual network gateway that are all associated to each other
  • An ExpressRoute Circuit (provider = Packet)
    • Connectivity between ExpressRoute and your Virtual Network Gateway (Connectivity tab)
    • ExpressRoute configured with Private Peering (primary and secondary /30s can be any RFC 1918 IP space)

In Packet:

  • A valid API key, exported as the environment variable PACKET_AUTH_TOKEN


Clone this repository locally, edit and substitute the locals section to the appropriate variables, then:

terraform plan

Assuming no errors, create the necessary resources with:

terraform apply


This is provided under the BSD 3-Clause software license.

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