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Packet Broker is an independent and neutral organization operating a broker for Internet of Things packets. Open IoT allows messages from devices that are connected to certain networks to be sent to the destined network. Packet Broker provides a platform for IoT operators to exchange this data for greater network efficiency.

The following principles apply. Packet Broker is:

  • Independent and not for profit - The sole purpose is to facilitate the routing of encrypted IoT data.
  • IoT technology agnostic - Independent of RF technology the broker is able to route data.
  • Democratic governance - Members are able to vote on the direction of the organization and design of the packet broker
  • No key exchange - The focus is on packet routing; business models, roaming or paid peering agreements to exchange keys are out of scope for the organization. Routing journals are provided to build bilateral business agreements.


Business models concerning the key exchange are done out of band in a bilateral or cooperative way. Overhead costs for Packet Broker are covered by a subscription fee sponsored by all participants. Packet Proker will provide for key exchange reference implementations only.