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Packetcraft Open Source products: Controller, Host, Profile and Mesh
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ble-host r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
ble-mesh-model r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
ble-mesh-profile r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
ble-profiles r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
controller r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
platform r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
projects r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
thirdparty r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
wsf r19.02 Jul 22, 2019 r19.02 Jul 22, 2019
LICENSE Apache 2.0 license text Jul 29, 2019 r19.02 Jul 22, 2019

Arm Cordio solutions

Arm Cordio is a collection of Bluetooth Low Energy embedded protocol stacks. Included in these sources are:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Profiles
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Host
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Link Layer

Cordio is a hardware platform and RTOS independent implementation. The following layers are used for abstractions:

  • WSF: RTOS abstraction layer
  • PAL: Platform Abstraction Layer

Release notes

The release includes the following completed requirements for r19.02:

  • WBUSW-2949 Core v5.1: Advertising Channel Index Changes
  • WBUSW-2950 Core v5.1: Minor Feature Enhancements #1
  • WBUSW-2951 Core v5.1: GATT Caching
  • WBUSW-2957 Host Developer’s Guide (electronic/online version)
  • WBUSW-2958 Profile Developer’s Guide (electronic/online version)
  • WBUSW-2959 Link Layer Developer’s Guide (electronic/online version)
  • WBUSW-2961 WSF Developer's Guide (electronic/online version)
  • WBUSW-2962 Sample App User's Guide (electronic/online version)
  • WBUSW-2966 Controller component library
  • WBUSW-2969 Host SDK for nRF52
  • WBUSW-2973 v5.1 Host backwards compatibility
  • WBUSW-3057 Platform Abstraction Layer v2.0
  • WBUSW-3132 Core v5.0.1 ESR updates
  • WBUSW-3134 ATP (Asset Tracking Profile) and CTES (Constant Tone Extension Service)
  • WBUSW-3172 Core v5.1 qualification
  • WBUSW-3173 Host component library

Detailed change log information can be found in the following documents:


For more information consult the following documents:

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