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Joe Reid <>

An open source remake of the Rocket Arena mod for Quake 2

Rocket Arena?

Rocket Arena 2 is a team-based mod for Quake 2. Games are arranged into rounds where each player spawns with all allowed items/weapons and they battle until everyone from one team is dead.


Yes, there is an existing RA2 mod that is available, but it dates back to the 20th century and the source code is not available (or at least I'm unable to locate it). There also don't seem to be any 64 bit binaries.

The original RA2 mod lacked many desireable features (such as chase cams) and this mod is aimed at fixing that. The primary score unit is damage dealt rather than frags. While The Fast and the Furious is right, "it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile", tracking damage rather than frags gives the loser a little more credit.


  • Up to 9 independently operating arenas per map
  • Compatible with original RA2 maps
  • Compatible with with regular maps (as a single arena)
  • 2-5 teams per arena (config & voteable)
  • Up to 10 players per team allowed
  • Up to 21 rounds per match (config & voteable)
  • Arena specific health/armor/weapon/ammo quantities (config & voteable)
  • Chase cam
  • Team-level chat, arena-level chat, server-level chat
  • Score by damage dealt

Client commands

See your current accuracy statistics

Enter admin mode, elevating your privileges

Join a specific arena. If the argument is missing a list of all arenas will be displayed

Show client commands list

Show highscores for your arena

Toggle player IDs

Join a team

Show arena settings

Show the GUI game menu

Alias for observer

Part your current team and enter spectator mode

Show the scores from the last match

List all players connected to the server

Toggles your ready status. Once all team players are ready the match will start.

Alias for matchinfo

Alias for accuracy

Alias for join

vote <proposal [args]>|yes|no>
Call a vote or cast your vote

Proposal Arguments Description
kick ID Kick a player identified by id (use players command to get ID
mute ID Mute a player ""
map mapname Change map to mapname.bsp
teams <2-5> The number of teams between 2 and 5
weapons weapstring What weapons to enable (see below) - can use "random" to randomize items/ammo
damage dmgstring What damage does not hurt (see below)
rounds int The number of rounds in a match
health int The amount of health points given to players
armor int The amount of body armor given to players
reset Reset all arena settings to default

weapstring is a space-separated list of weapons (and ammo) to include or exclude: Prepend any of the following with a + to include or a - to exclude. To specify ammo quantities, add :[integer] to the end of each weapon.

Name Weapon
sg shotgun
ssg super shotgun
mg machinegun
cg chaingun
gl grenade launcher
hb hyperblaster
rl rocket launcher
rg railgun
bfg bfg10k
all all guns


  • -all +rg:5 +cg:600 +gl:3 (only rail with 5 slugs, chaingun with 600 bullets and grenade launcher with 3 nades)
  • +all -sg -hb (everything minus shotgun and hyperblaster)
  • You can use :inf to specify infinite ammo for a particular gun.
  • You can also use random for the weapstring in voting to randomly assign guns/ammo for an arena

dmgstring is a space-separated list of damage flags specifying what damage does not affects the player - prepended with a + to include or - to exclude

Flag Description
self You can't hurt your own health (splash damage)
aself You can't hurt your armor
team You can't hurt your team mates' health (splash and direct hit)
ateam You can't damage your team mates' armor
falling No falling damage
all Nothing hurts except for enemy attacks


  • -all (everything hurts)
  • -all +self +team (you can't damage your health or team health, armor is vulnerable though)

Admin commands

Administrators are granted access to a number of privileged client commands.

Show administrator commands list.

admin [password]
Toggle administrator status.

ban [duration] [action]
Add IP address specified by ip-mask into the ban list. Optional duration parameter specifies how long this address should stay in the list. Default duration is 1 hour. Maximum duration is 12 hours. Default units for specifying duration are minutes. Add ‘h’ or ‘H’ suffix to specify hours. Add ‘d’ or ‘D’ suffix to specify days. Optional action parameter specifies ban type. It can be ban (prevent player from connecting) or mute (allow player to connect and enter the game, but disallow chat during the match). Default action is ban.

Show the current ban list.

kick [player] Kick player from the server.

Kick player from the server and ban his IP address for 1 hour.

mute [player] Disallow player to talk during the match.

Globally disable chat during the match.

unban [ip-mask]
Remove IP address specified by ip-mask from the ban list. Permanent bans added by server operator can't be removed.

unmute [player]
Allow player to talk during the match.

Globally enable chat during the match.

Map Config (optional)

Each map can have it's own config file to override the default settings. These files need to be named [mapname].cfg and saved in the openra2/mapcfg folder. Each file can contain a block (in curly braces) for each arena in the map. For example:

    arena 1
    weapons +all -bfg
    rounds 5
    damage -all +self +team
    health 115
    armor 12
    teams 2

This tells the server for arena 1 to allow all weapons but no bfg, to run 5 rounds per match, to do self damage and team damage, start each player with 115 health and 12 red armor. This also limits the arena to 2 teams.

Another example:

    arena 7
    teams 3
    weapons -all +ssg:20 +cg:inf
    timelimit 120

This sets arena 7 to have 3 teams with all players being given only a super shotgun with 20 shells, a chaingun with infinite bullets and sets the length for all rounds to 2 minutes. The default (set via CVAR) amount of health and armor are applied to each player.

Possible options:

arena [integer]

The arena number this config block applies to

teams [integer]

The initial number of teams

damage [dmgstring]

What damage can be done to you

weapons [weapstring]

What weapons and ammo are provided by default. weapstring is a space-separated list, each item prefixed with a + to include or a - to exclude. Ammo quantities can be suffixed with a colon. Options: all, bfg, hb, rg, rl, gl, cg, mg, ssg, sg.


-all +rl +rg:1 (Only rocket launcher and railgun (with a single slug))

+all (everything)

+all -bfg (all but the bfg)

-all +cg:inf (only a chaingun with infinite bullets)

round [integer]

The default number of rounds per match

health [integer]

How much health each player in this arena gets

armor [integer]

How much bodyarmor each player in this arena gets

timelimit [integer]

Number of seconds the rounds should last

Server CVARS

g_admin_password [string]

The password used with the admin command to enable privileged commands

g_ammo_bullets [integer]

The default quantity of bullets players will be assigned if they have a Machinegun or Chaingun. Default: 100

g_ammo_cells [integer]

The default quantity of cells players will be assigned if they have a Hyperblaster or BFG. Default: 50

g_ammo_grenades [integer]

The default quantity of grenades players will be assigned. Default: 20

g_ammo_rockets [integer]

The default quantity of rockets players will be assigned. Default: 20

g_ammo_shells [integer]

The default quantity of shells players will be assigned. Default: 14

g_ammo_slugs [integer]

The default quantity of slugs players will be assigned. Default: 10

g_armor_start [integer]

The default quantity of bodyarmor players will start with. Default: 100

g_bugs [0/1/2]

Fix gameplay bugs. Default: 0

g_damage_flags [bitmask]

Bitmask for damage immunities, add them up. Default: 0 (everything hurts)

Value Meaning Description
0 Nothing Everything hurts
1 Self health Your explosions will NOT take your own health
2 Self armor Your explosions will NOT take your own armor
4 Team Your shots will NOT hurt your team mates health
8 Team Armor Your shots will NOT hurt your team mates armor
16 Fall Falling from high distances will NOT hurt
31 All None of the above will hurt

g_default_arena [0/1/2]

When a player connects to the server, they're immediately added to an arena, this setting controls which. Default: 1

Value Meaning Description
0 First Always join arena 1
1 Popular Join which ever arena has the most players
2 Random Join a random arena

g_demo [0/1]

Force players to record demos of their rounds/matches. Default 0 - don't force

g_drop_allowed [0/1]

Allow players to drop weapons/ammo. Default 1 - allowed

g_fast_weapon_change [0/1]

Allows switching weapons very quickly. Default 1 (enabled)

g_frag_drop [0/1]

Players toss their weapon when killed. Default 1 - enabled

g_health_start [integer]

The quantity of health each player will be assigned. Default: 100

g_idle_time [integer]

Number of seconds to consider a team player idle and remove them from the team. Default: 0 (disabled)

g_intermission_time [integer]

The length in seconds match intermission should last. Default: 10

g_round_countdown [integer]

The number of seconds for a round countdown. Default: 12

g_round_end_time [integer]

The number of seconds the round intermission screen will be up before starting the next round. Default: 5

g_round_limit [integer]

The default number of rounds per match. Default: 7

g_round_timelimit [integer]

The default number of seconds each round can last. Default: 180

g_screenshot [0/1]

Force all players to take a screenshot of the match intermission screen. Default 0 (no)

g_select_empty [0/1]

All clients to "use" a weapon without ammo for it. Default 0 (no)

g_skin_lock [0/1]

Lock team skins so they can't be changed. Default 0 (no, allow change)

g_team1_name [string]

The name of team1. Default Red

g_team1_skin [string]

The skin used for team1. Default female/r2red

g_team2_name [string]

The name of team2. Default Blue

g_team2_skin [string]

The skin used for team2. Default male/r2blue

g_team3_name [string]

The name of team3. Default Green

g_team3_skin [string]

The skin used for team3. Default female/r2dgre

g_team4_name [string]

The name of team4. Default Yellow

g_team4_skin [string]

The skin used for team4. Default male/r2yell

g_team5_name [string]

The name of team5. Default Aqua

g_team5_skin [string]

The skin used for team5. Default female/r2aqua

g_team_balance [0/1]

Require teams to be balanced with equal players. Default 0 (allow unbalanced)

g_team_count [2-5]

The default number of teams per arena. Default 2

g_team_reset [0/1]

Remove all players from teams at the end of the match. Default 0 (teams remain)

g_teamspec_name [string]

The name of the spectator "team". Default Spectators

g_teleporter_nofreeze [0/1]

Quake 2-style vs Quake 3-style teleporters. Default 0 (q2 style)

g_timein_time [integer]

Time in seconds for time-in countdown. Default 11

g_timeout_time [integer]

Time in seconds for time-outs. Default 180

g_vote_flags [bitmask]

The flags that enable certain voting features. Default: 11 (enabled, show, change). Add them up:

Value Feature
1 Enable - globally enable voting
2 Show - show the vote in the player hud
4 Specs - allow spectators to vote
8 Change - allow voters to change their already-cast vote

g_vote_mask [bitmask]

The vote proposals allowed on this server. Default: 1023 (everything). Items with a scope of server affect everyone in all arenas at the same time. A scope of arena will only affect the particular arena the vote was in. Add the values up:

Value Scope Proposal
1 Server Kick - Removing players from server
2 Server Mute - Preventing players from talking
4 Server Map - Changing the map
8 Arena Teams - the number of teams
16 Arena Weapons - setting weapons
32 Arena Damage - setting damage
64 Arena Rounds - settings rounds per match
128 Arena Health - changing initial health
256 Arena Armor - changing initial armor
512 Arena Reset - defaulting all settings

g_vote_threshold [integer]

Percentage of players required to pass a vote. Default 51 Admin decisions end votes immediately regardless of this threshold.

g_vote_time [integer]

Time in seconds for how long a vote will last. Default 30

g_weapon_flags [bitmask]

Bitmask for what weapons are allowed, add them up. Default 1023 (all except for BFG)

Index Weapon
2 Shotgun
4 Super Shotgun
8 Machinegun
16 Chaingun
32 Grenades
64 Grenade Launcher
128 Hyperblaster
256 Rocket Launcher
512 Railgun
1024 BFG

Very Simple Example Server Config

set hostname         "My Awesome OpenRA2 Server"
set net_port         "27910"      // use "port" for r1q2, "net_port" for q2pro
set sv_public        "1"          // use "public" for r1q2, "sv_public" for q2pro
set rcon_password    "<insert rcon pwd here>"
set g_admin_password "<insert admin pwd here>"
set g_team_count     "2"
set g_health_start   "110"
set g_armor_start    "30"

Example Map Config

For ra2map27, this file would be named mapcfg/ra2map27.cfg

    arena 1
    weapons +all -bfg
    rounds 3
    damage -all +self +team
    health 115
    armor 12
    teams 2
    timelimit 120

    arena 2
    weapons -all +ssg:12 +rl:10
    rounds 5
    damage 8

    arena 3
    weapons +all
    rounds 5

    arena 4
    weapons -all +rg:inf
    rounds 5

    arena 5
    teams 5