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This repo stores the first production release of Packetframe, and is now considered legacy software. See and for the current production release.

The Packetframe CDN is an open source (AGPL-3.0) anycast CDN platform, currently in beta. If you're interested in an account, send an email to the address listed on the front page of or reach out in #packetframe on the Libera.Chat IRC network.

Project Structure

├── backend # All code that runs server side
│   ├── acme # LetsEncrypt automation for ACME challenges
│   ├── provisioning # Ansible playbooks for node deployment
│   └── templates # Per-node config templates used by the orchestrator
└── frontend # Svelte dashboard (
    ├── public
    │   └── static # Public static assets
    ├── scripts
    └── src
        └── components # Individual Svelte components


The repo is designed to be tested at the service level. Each daemon or service should be able to be ran and debugged independently of the rest of the network.


Nate Sales and friends.