Packet Block Storage utilities
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Quick overview

This utility/helper script is made available to assist in the attachment and detachment of Packet block storage volumes and is currently in testing. Use at your own risk and always have a backup/snapshot just in case!


The packet-block storage helper scripts are pre-installed on the following Packet operating systems:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • OpenSUSE
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux
  • SLES 12 SP3


  • Attach block storage block devices
  • Detach block storage block devices
  • Configure multipath for HA
  • Validate block device creation



apt-get install open-iscsi multipath-tools jq


yum -y install iscsi-initiator-utils device-mapper-multipath jq


Using git:

sudo su -
git clone
cp ./packet-block-storage/packet-block-storage-* /usr/bin/
chmod u+x /usr/bin/packet-block-storage-*


Using wget

sudo su -
wget -O /usr/bin/packet-block-storage-attach
wget -O /usr/bin/packet-block-storage-detach
chmod u+x /usr/bin/packet-block-storage-*


Attach a volume

  1. Create a volume under the Storage tab in your portal account
  2. Click on the storage volume, select the server you wish to attach the volume to and click on Attach.
  3. Execute packet-block-storage-attach from within the OS on the server in question
  4. Partition the block device at /dev/mapper/{volume_name_here} disk using parted, fdisk, etc
  5. Make a filesystem on the block device
  6. Mount the block device on the mount point of you choice

Example :

[root@cent7-pbs-client dlaube]# packet-block-storage-attach
Block device /dev/mapper/volume-9ab99df5 is available for use
Block device /dev/mapper/volume-7eab8fc1 is available for use

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consider using the "-m queue" flag when attaching storage to configure multipath queuing. If block storage becomes unreachable, the option "fail" results in FS read-only and "queue" will keep IO in memory buffer until reachable. See "-h" for usage details.

Detach a volume

  1. Unmount the filesystem on any block storage volume that may be in use
  2. Execute packet-block-storage-detach from within the OS on the server in question
  3. Click on the storage volume from the storage tab within your project and click on Detach


[root@cent7-pbs-client dlaube]# packet-block-storage-detach