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A service discovery for the Equinix Metal platform compatible with Prometheus.

It's based on the Scaleway adapter.

This repository is Experimental meaning that it's based on untested ideas or techniques and not yet established or finalized or involves a radically new and innovative style! This means that support is best effort (at best!) and we strongly encourage you to NOT use this in production.

How it works

This service gets the list of servers from the Packet API and generates a file which is compatible with the Prometheus file_sd mechanism.


You need your Equinix Metal Auth token. You can create the token in the Equinix Metal web app, click on your profile photo and navigate to "API Keys".

Make sure the Equinix Metal Auth Token is in envvar PACKET_AUTH_TOKEN.

Running it

With docker

First, export your PACKET_AUTH_TOKEN to an environment variable and then:

$ docker run -e PACKET_AUTH_TOKEN -v ${PWD}:/tmp --output.file=/tmp/packet.json

.. file packet.json cointaining device labels will appear in current directory.

With the binary from Github Releases

Download the binary from the Releases page.

$ ./prometheus-packet-sd

.. device labels will be in ./packet.json

If you only want to scrape a single project, you can pass project ID:

$ ./prometheus-packet-sd --packet.projectid 508b7fd3-0df2-4837-b0df-65aaf09f642a

You can also pass the project ID in envvar PACKET_PROJECT_ID.

The program runs a Prometheus registry itself, and reports histogram of Equinix Metal API request duration, and number of API failures. See the main.go for the exact label names. If you want to scrape this from a running, docker container, you should expose the port, i.e. add -p 9465:9465 to the docker run command.

Integration with Prometheus

Here is a Prometheus scrape_config snippet that configures Prometheus to scrape node_exporter assuming that it is deployed on all your Equinix Metal servers, and listening on port 9100.

- job_name: node

  # Assuming that prometheus and prometheus-packet-sd are started from the same directory.
  - files: [ "./packet.json" ]

  # The relabeling does the following:
  # - overwrite the scrape address with the node_exporter's port.
  # - strip leading commas from the tags label.
  # - save the facility label
  # - save the instance label
  - source_labels: [__meta_packet_public_ipv4]
    replacement: "${1}:9100"
    target_label: __address__
  - source_labels: [__meta_packet_tags]
    regex: ",(.+),"
    target_label: tags
  - source_labels: [__meta_packet_facility]
    target_label: facility
  - source_labels: [__meta_packet_hostname]
    target_label: instance

The following meta labels are available on targets during relabeling at the moment:

  • __meta_packet_billing_cycle
  • __meta_packet_device_id
  • __meta_packet_facility
  • __meta_packet_hostname
  • __meta_packet_operating_system
  • __meta_packet_organization_name
  • __meta_packet_plan
  • __meta_packet_private_ipv4
  • __meta_packet_project_id
  • __meta_packet_project_name
  • __meta_packet_public_ipv4
  • __meta_packet_public_ipv6
  • __meta_packet_short_id
  • __meta_packet_state
  • `__meta_packet_switch_uuid
  • __meta_packet_tags


PRs and issues are welcome.


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.