An overhead zombie shooter game. Kill as many zombies as you can.
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Author: Darin Beaudreau
Version: 1.0


Generic Zombie Shooter is a simple overhead shooter game. Kill as many zombies as you can!


The game is finally complete, and ready to play! Below are the controls and everything you need to know.
You can download the JAR here:
Included is a BAT file that will launch the game for you. The LIB folder and the BAT file MUST be in the same folder
as the JAR file.


  WASD keys - Movement
  Mouse - Aim
  Left Click/Hold - Fire equipped weapon.
  0-9 - Select Weapons
  Mouse Scroll Wheel - Quick Select Weapon (Up = Left, Down = Right)
  B - Open Weapon Store
  T - Open Experience / Leveling Screen
  P - Pause Game
Zombie Types:

  - Zumby, the most basic zombie. It's the slowest of the zombies and does minimal damage. But if they swarm you,
    they can be very formidable.
  - Rotdog, a fast zombie dog that moves twice as fast as normal zombies and does 3x the damage.
  - Upchuck, a hideous hulking green zombie that spits blobs of acid at you.
  - Gasbag, a zombie that is twice as fast as normal zombies and explodes into a cloud of poisonous gas when
    killed that does poison damage over time. Grab a medkit to heal!
  - Big Mama, an ugly pale creature resembling a Wight that, if not killed fast enough, will burst into a
    swarm of tiny zombies. The burst of blood also does damage, so watch out for these!
  - Tiny Zumby, a much smaller and faster version of the Zumby, but weaker.
Boss Types:

  - Aberration, the first of the zombie boss types. It is a disgusting, shapeless green horror characterized by
    its many tentacles and the opening on top of it that is lined with razor sharp teeth all around. This opening
    will shoot acid (subject to change) at the player if he is too close in buck shots, like the Boomstick. The
    Aberration has an extremely large amount of health, and will take your strongest weapons to extinguish. The
    Aberration will appear every 25 waves (wave 25, 50, 75, etc... for now). Such a beast is worth a large sum of
    cash and a lot of experience. Are you up to the challenge?
  - Zombat, the second of the zombie boss types. It has the strange idea that it can fly, and flaps its arms
    rapidly to achieve lift... oddly enough, it works, and they will float fast across the screen toward the player.
    However ridiculous they seem, they are very deadly. If they get close enough to the player, they can drain
    his health to replenish their own. They have quite a substantial health supply and appear in groups of 5 during
    boss waves, but are well worth the risk for the reward. (Credit to MM4ge for the idea!)
  - Stitches, the third and final boss type. Stitches is a hulking abomination that seems to be made up of parts of
    other zombies. Stitches is incredibly durable, and does massive melee damage... but that's not what makes Stitches
    so deadly. Stitches has the ability to shoot a hook from his stomach that he uses to reel the player in closer to
    him. To make matters worse, when the player is close enough to Stitches, he will deal poison damage to the player
    with his stinky aura. Stitches is a force to be reckoned with, and is well worth the reward.

  - Health Pack, heals the player and removes the poison effect.
  - Ammo Crate, gives the player some ammo for a random weapon. These may be removed/changed soon.
  - SpeedUp, doubles the player's movement speed for 10 seconds.
  - Unlimited Ammo, stops ammo consumption for the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Flamethrower for 10 seconds.
  - Extra Life, gives the player 1 extra life.
  - Experience Multiplier, doubles the player's experience for 20 seconds.
  - Invulnerability, makes the player invincible for a short time.
  - Night Vision, makes it easier to see for 30 seconds.

Copyright Information:

Generic Zombie Shooter is distributed under the GNU Public License. A copy of this license can be found along with
the project on Github, or at


  - Version 1.0 release.

Known Issues:

  - After playing for a while, sound starts to crackle and pop randomly. I noticed this starts when I use the
    Sentry Gun and Assault Rifle in tandem. Since they use the same sound and are being loaded so rapidly,
    this might be the cause.

Planned Future Changes (post-1.0):
  - Add a day-night cycle so you need your flashlight/flares at night.
  - Add randomly generated terrain (buildings, etc) to make combat a bit more interesting.
  - Add pathing AI to make the aforementioned terrain possible.
  - Add level-based gameplay.
      - Level based gameplay could revolve around a map with areas that are unexplored. Each day, you can
        choose to explore an area and fight the zombies in it and rescue survivors and do other things. You
        could travel at night, but it would be dark and there would be less visible (lighting system) and chances
        of more dangerous zombies and in larger numbers.
  - Change enemy AI so they attack when you are in their line of sight. Also will make player give off
    "footsteps" so zombies can detect you at a certain distance. Any zombies that detect you will make
    "noise" that will attract any zombies near that zombie to attack as well, creating "hordes".
  - (Optional) Re-design game engine and migrate to either LWJGL/Slick2D or LibGDX.