A header file that assists in the creation and modification of linked lists.
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Project: Linked List Header
Author: Darin Beaudreau

This header file was created to assist in the creation and modification
of linked lists. This is a short documentation of the functions in
the header file and what they do.

Constructors & Destructors
  - The default constructor. It creates a new, empty list.
  - The destructor. Calls the destroy() function.

List Manipulation
void destroy()
  - Destroys the list by de-allocating the memory of the nodes.
void add(T newData)
  - Adds a new node to the list with the data specified in the parameter.
void remove(int pos)
  - Removes the node at position [pos] by de-allocating its memory.
void remove(int start, int end)
  - Removes the nodes between positions [start] and [end].
void push_back()
  - Deletes the first node in the list.
void pop_back()
  - Deletes the last node in the list.
void sort(bool asc)
  - Sorts the nodes in the list. If the boolean "asc" is true, the nodes are
    sorted in ascending order.
void swap(node<T> *i, node<T> *j)
  - Swaps the data of two nodes. Primarily used in the sort() function.

Position-based Functions
T front()
  - Returns the data in the first node in the list.
T back()
  - Returns the data in the last node in the list.
T get(int pos)
  - Returns the data in the node at position [pos].
void set(int pos, T newData)
  - Sets the data of the node at position [pos] to newData.
int find(T key)
  - Returns the position of the first occurrence of the key.
    Returns NULL if the key is not found in the list.

Size-based Functions
bool isEmpty()
  - Returns true if the list contains no nodes.
int length()
  - Returns the value of the "size" variable containing
    the length of the list.

Printing Functions
void printList()
  - Prints all of the elements in the list using the cout stream.
    Elements are separated by spaces.
void printElem(int pos)
  - Prints the element at position [pos] using the cout stream.
void printElem(int start, int end)
  - Prints the elements in the list between positions [start]
    and [end] using the cout stream.