My entry for the Ludum Dare 33 game jam.
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Monster Mash

Monster Mash Gameplay


Monster Mash is my entry for the Ludum Dare 33 game jam. The theme is "You Are the Monster". The idea of the game jam is to create a game in a 48-72 hour time period (depends if you're participating in the compo or the jam -- in my case, the jam). My game lets you play as a Necromancer (who is as yet, unnamed), who controls an army of the undead and cast spells to destroy villages and the people that live in them so that they can be used to create more undead!


WASD - Movement
Left Mouse - Cast Spell
Mouse Wheel - Cycle through available spells.
1-8 Keys - Select Spell
P - Pause/Unpause the game.


There are 8 spells to learn in the game.

  • Eldritch Bolt - A simple, fast spell that does little damage.
  • Fireball - A powerful crowd control spell that damages everything around it.
  • Lightning Bolt - A very powerful spell that will jump to up to 3 surrounding targets.
  • Blood Siphon - Low on health? Hit someone with this and you'll feel better.
  • Skull Barrier - Are Archers becoming a problem? Cast this to create guardian skulls that will absorb one arrow for you.
  • Summon Zombie - A dumb, weak undead for you to terrorize the townsfolk with.
  • Summon Skeleton - A fast, powerful undead that will tear those soldiers to shreads!
  • Summon Wraith - The fastest, most powerful undead, for when you're in over your head!


  • Peasant - Your every day, run of the mill peasant. Look at them, with those dumb, smug faces. Kill them all!
  • Soldier - The dumbest of them all. But watch out! They make up for the lack of brain power with some muscle.
  • Archer - Cowards. Every one of them. They won't ever get close to you. They will just stand back and pelt you with arrows.
  • Priest - A force to be reckoned with. Let them get near your undead and you will be sorry.

Additional Details

The little pentagrams beneath your experience bar show how many summons you have left. Each summon spell consumes a specific amount of these. Spend them wisely! To cast a Summon spell, click the grave of a fallen enemy.

  • Zombie - 1 Summon Point
  • Skeleton - 3 Summon Points
  • Wraith - 8 Summon Points