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Packit is a CLI tool that helps developers auto-package upstream projects into Fedora operating system.

You can use packit to continuously build your upstream project in Fedora.

With packit you can create SRPMs, open pull requests in dist-git, submit koji builds and even create bodhi updates, effectively replacing the whole Fedora packaging workflow.

To start using Packit

See our documentation

To start developing Packit

The Contributing Guidelines hosts all information you need to know to contribute to code and documentation, run tests and additional configuration.

Workflows covered by packit

This list contains workflows covered by packit tool and links to the documentation.


Packit is written in Python 3 and is supports version 3.9 or later.


For complete information on how to start using packit, please click here.

User configuration file

User configuration file for packit is described here.

Who is interested

For the up to date list of projects which are using packit, click here.

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