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  • packit source-git init was updated to try to apply patches with git am first, and use patch only when this fails, in order to keep the commit message of Git-formatted (mbox) patch files in the source-git history. (#1358)
  • Packit now provides PACKIT_RPMSPEC_RELEASE environment variable in actions. (#1363)


  • status command has been refactored and now provides much cleaner output. (#1329)
  • A log warning is raised if the specfile specified by the user in the config doesn't exist. (#1342)
  • Packit by default locally merges checked out pull requests into target branch. Logging for checking out pull requests was improved to contain hashes and summaries of last commit on both source and target branches. (#1344)
  • source-git update-dist-git now supports using Git trailers to define patch metadata, which will control how patches are generated and added to the spec-file. source-git init uses this format to capture patch metadata when setting up a source-git repo, instead of the YAML one. To maintain backwards compatibility, the YAML format is still parsed, but only if none of the patches defines metadata using Git trailers. (#1336)
  • Fixed a bug that caused purging or syncing upstream changelog (when not configured) from specfile when running propose-downstream. New behavior preserves downstream changelog and in case there are either no entries or no %changelog section present, it is created with a new entry. (#1349)


  • Propose-downstream: log when a PR already exists downstream (#1322).
  • packit init to set spec file path in the config if it's not defined (#1313).
  • Make it possible to clone packages from staging dist-git (#1306).
  • Source-git: squash patches by patch name - no need to have a dedicated attribute, squash_commits, for that (#1309).
  • Source-git: look for the config file in .distro/source-git.yaml as well (#1302).
  • Source-git: change logging from error to warning when %prep is not using %(auto)setup (#1317).


  • Source-git: source-git init was refactored, which also changed and simplified the CLI.


  • Source-git: Updated the source-git format produced by source-git init (#1277)
  • Source-git: drop support of packages not using %autosetup
  • Source-git: Use --force when staging the .distro dir
  • Source-git init: Do not download remote sources
  • Source-git init: Raise an error if the dist-git repo is not pristine


  • Command packit generate was removed. It has been deprecated for a while in favour of packit init. (#1269)
  • Packit now explicitly requires git and rpm-build. (#1276)
  • Source-git: Patch handling is more consistent. (#1263)
  • Source-git: Passing changelog from source-git repo to dist-git was fixed. (#1265)
  • Source-git: There is a new source-git subcommand, that groups source-git related commands init and update-dist-git. (#1273)


  • Downstream package name is set when dist-git path is provided. (#1246)
  • A bug with older Python present on Fedora Linux 32 and EPEL 8 is fixed. (#1240)
  • There is a new update-dist-git subcommand that is an improved offline version of propose-downstream. (#1228)
  • Source-git: Commit metadata newly includes patch_id. (#1252)


  • Fixed a bug caused by new click release. (#1238)


  • Patching: removed location_in_specfile from commit metadata. (#1229)
  • Refactored and extended the synced_files mechanism. (#1211)
  • Fixed a bug regarding the fedora-latest alias. (#1222)


  • Source-git: add info about sources to packit.yaml when initiating a new source-git repo and don't commit dist-git sources from the lookaside cache. (#1208, #1216)
  • Source-git: fix SRPM creation failing with duplicate Patch IDs. (#1206)
  • Support git repository cache. (#1214)
  • Reflect removed COPR chroots in a COPR project. (#1197)
  • Deprecate current_version_command and create_tarball_command. (#1212)
  • Fix crashing push-updates command. (#1170)
  • Improve fmf/tmt tests configuration. (#1192)


  • Remove the no-op --dry-run option.
  • Handle centos-stream targets as centos-stream-8, in order to help with the name change in Copr.
  • fmf_url and fmf_ref can be used in a job's metadata to specify an external repository and reference to be used to test the package.
  • Introduce a fedora-latest alias for the latest branched version of Fedora Linux.
  • Add a top-level option -c, --config to specify a custom path for the package configuration (aka packit.yaml).
  • Source-git: enable using CentOS Stream 9 dist-git as a source.
  • Source-git: rename the subdirectory to store downstream packaging files from fedora to the more general .distro.
  • Source-git: fix creating source-git repositories when Git is configured to call the default branch something other then master.


  • (Source-git) Several improvements of history linearization.
  • (Source-git) Detect identical patches in propose-downstream.
  • (Source-git) Patches in spec file are added after first empty line below last Patch/Source.
  • Fetch all sources defined in packit.yaml.
  • New option to sync only specfile from downstream.


  • Fix construction of the Koji tag for epel branches when running packit create-update. (#1122)
  • create-update now also shows a message about Bodhi requiring the password. (#1127)
  • packit init correctly picks up sources from CentOS and fetches specfile from CentOS dist-git. (#1106)
  • Fix translating of the target aliases by treating the highest pending version in Bodhi as rawhide. (#1114)
  • The format of Packit logs is unified for all log levels. (#1119)
  • There is a new configuration option sources which enables to define sources to override their URLs in specfile. You can read more about this in our documentation. (#1131)


  • propose-downstream command now respects requested dist-git branches. (#1094)
  • Improve the way how patches are added to spec file. (#1100)
  • --koji-target option of the build command now accepts aliases. (#1052)
  • propose-downstream on source-git repositories now always uses --local-content. (#1093)
  • Don't behave as if 'ref' would be always a branch. (#1089)
  • Detect a name of the default branch of a repository instead of assuming it to be called master. (#1074)


  • No user-facing changes done in this release.


  • The propose-update has been renamed to propose-downstream; propose-update is now deprecated to unify the naming between CLI and service. (@jpopelka, #1065)
  • Our README has been cleaned and simplified. (@ChainYo, #1058)
  • The 🍾 comment with the installation instructions has been disabled by default. (@mfocko, #1057)
  • Packit is being prepared to be released in EPEL 8 so it can be consumed in RHEL and CentOS Stream. (@nforro, #1055)


  • packit init introduces the --upstream-url option. When specified, init also sets up a source-git repository next to creating a configuration file.
  • Don't rewrite macros when setting release and version in spec file.
  • Fix generation of Copr settings URL for groups.
  • Improve processing of the version when proposing a Fedora update.


  • If the first Source tag in a spec file is not indexed, it is always returned, no matter the value of source_name.
  • Sanitize potentially problematic characters in a branch name before creating a copr project name from it.
  • Default job now includes copr build as well.


  • The fedora-all, fedora-stable, fedora-development and epel-all chroot aliases are now translated to concrete chroots by consulting Bodhi, making the transition to new Fedora releases smoother.
  • A new, copy_upstream_release_description option is available in packit.yaml. When set to true, the GitHub release description is going to be used to update the changelog in the spec-file, when creating a new update in Fedora dist-git. When set to false (the default), the subject lines of the commits included in the release are used to update the changelog.
  • Fix an issue (#1012) by improving how the current version is discovered.


  • Allow syncing full content of the spec-file.
  • Let packit create empty patch files from empty commits.
  • Check for the existing pull requests in distgit when using propose-update.
  • Allow symlinking absolute path to the archive within repository.


  • Packit got new archive_root_dir_template config option to get custom archive root dir. You can find more info in the documentation.


Minor changes and fixes

  • When adding patches to a specfile, the numbering of source-git patches begins after original patches.
  • It is now possible to use globbing pattern when specifying ref in packit config.
  • upstream_tag_template is now used for extracting version from git tag.
  • Specifiying project using CLI is fixed.
  • Packit doesn't drop leading zeros in version strings.
  • Our contribution guidelines are cleaned up.
  • --remote option is now global and available to all the commands.
  • sync-from-downstream --remote was renamed to --remote-to-push.
  • --remote can now be specified in user's config (via upstream_git_remote parameter).
  • packit is now able to generate a patch file with format-patch without leading a/ and b/ in the patch diff.


Minor changes and fixes

  • Correctly log output when using sandcastle (packit-service) since it returns a single string instead of a list.
  • Improve action output logging: you will see the output from actions by default.
  • Allow having different job definitions for multiple chroots in Copr.


Minor changes and fixes

  • copr-build CLI command has new request-admin-if-needed option. If you specify it, we ask for the admin access to the Copr project in case we can't edit the settings of the project.
  • Creating archive with custom command was fixed. The archive was not found when building SRPM because of the incorrect processing of the paths from the command output.
  • Logs related to SRPM creation and Copr project handling are improved.


  • Reverted "invoke all commands in shell" change that had been introduced in 0.13.0.


Bug fixes

  • Fix a programming error in validate-config, which caused the sub-command to fail when checking Packit configuration files.
  • Prioritize including the PR ID in the release field over the Git ref when creating a SRPM from the current checkout.
  • Fix a programming error when updating the %changelog with the subject lines of the commits since the last tag.



  • Commands from actions run in a shell by default; adding bash -c is no longer required.
  • The name of the branch is included in the release field when creating a SRPM from current checkout.
  • Packit configuration can be checked using the new validate-config subcommand.
  • If possible, use the subject lines of the commits since the last tag when updating %changelog.
  • Use patch metadata when generating patch files for dist-git.

Minor changes and fixes

  • Improved logs by adding __repr__() to multiple classes.
  • Fixed setting of default values in job configurations.



  • Users are now able to set some additional properties for COPR projects created via copr-build command, e.g. visibility on the Copr homepage and persistence.

Minor changes and fixes

  • Log RebaseHelper error messages.


Minor changes and fixes

  • Enabled copr build against master branch. For more details please check readme.
  • Error and log messages improvements.



  • Fedora 32 is now part of the fedora-stable alias and Fedora 30 is no longer included in the stable variant.
  • There is an epel-all alias available.

Minor changes and fixes

  • The logs which packit produces are now more consistent and have unified format.
  • When doing propose-update while upstream and downstream spec files differ, it could happen that the downstream spec would not be processed correctly. This is now fixed, for more info see packit#828.
  • Kerberos-related code was re-organized for sake of the upcoming koji work - this shouldn't affect any functionality.


Minor changes and fixes

  • Fixed test error caused by missing git configuration #794


A patch release, which fixes/improves some job metadata fields:

  • dist_git_branch (see 0.10.0) has been renamed to dist_git_branches and it accepts also a list of values.
  • New scratch option that will be used for Koji builds.
  • New branch option that will be used for specifying a branch for which we want to run builds.



  • We are able to linearize (and create patches from) extremely complex source-git repos.
  • Job metadata in .packit.yaml are now being validated.
    • dist-git-branch key has been renamed to dist_git_branch

Minor changes and fixes

  • We no longer inspect archive extension set in Source and create .tar.gz by default.
    • This should be more flexible and prevent issues for “non-standard” archive names.
  • propose-update creates downstream spec if it’s not there
    • This used to happen when using packit on a newly created package in Fedora which did not have spec file added yet.
  • Fix for web URLs for Copr builds owned by groups.
  • Marshmallow v3 is now supported as well.



  • CLI has a new local-build command.
  • Packit learned how to look for RPM spec files on its own, so specifying specfile_path in the configuration is not mandatory anymore.
  • Default configuration has tests job enabled from now on. You still need to use fmf to create some tests, otherwise testing-farm only tests the success of the installation.
  • We don't touch Version in spec files and change Release only by default.

Minor changes and fixes

  • Improved documentation (README & CONTRIBUTING).
  • copr-build CLI command has new --upstrem-ref option.
  • As a result of being turned off, Packit now tries a list of GPG keyservers when downloading keys to check commit signatures.
  • generate CLI command is now deprecated in favor of the init command.
  • When executing copr-build command, you don't need to set project name if this value is defined in copr_build job in configuration file.
  • When loading authentication in the config file - users are warned only if deprecated keys are used, no more confusing messages when you do not have authentication key in the configuration.
  • Several source-git related fixes & improvements are applied.
  • A bug which was causing SRPM-build failures in Packit Service for projects which had their spec files stored in a subdirectory is fixed.
  • We handle git-describe output better: it should help when tags contain dashes.



  • Packit is able to build in Koji from upstream/source-git.
  • CLI has bash-completion.
  • Configuration can use a new option (patch_generation_ignore_paths) to exclude paths from patching.


Packit has a new logo!


  • Marshmallow object schema was implemented.
  • config file and spec file are synced by default.
  • We use testing farm for sanity tests.
  • packit status command shows latest copr builds.
  • Target aliases (currently fedora-development, fedora-stable, fedora-all) can now be used in the packit config file.
  • upstream_package_name and downstream_package_name are no longer required in package config. github repository name is the default value both.
  • If no jobs are defined in .packit.yaml, packit by default runs build job on fedora-stable targets and propose_downstream on fedora-all branches.
  • Image version of packit is now fedora 31
  • packit can now download URL package sources before SRPM build.
  • When doing a new update in Fedora dist-git, packit now by default creates a new pull request instead of pushing directly to dist-git.
  • Build command has nicer output.
  • create-archive uses fullpath for validation and splits long lines of output.
  • SRPM runs also in a repo with detached head.
  • Log output from subprocesses is in realtime.
  • Specfile is refreshed after each run of the propose-update.
  • When there is no copr project owner, exception is raised
  • While building specfile from custom specfile, the archive is linked from the spec-directory.
  • Setting cwd in command handlers is allowed.
  • SRPM build is run from the folder containing specfile.


  • Consecutive API call for status works.
  • rebase-helper breaking changes in new version is fixed.
  • fixed updating version on srpm build


  • pre-commit check requires rebased branch.
  • fedora version in .packit.yaml config is updated.
  • Code related to copr id now extracted to dedicated class.
  • There is a warning in logs when there is no packit config in repository.
  • Tests are now restructured and use new structure or requre, also containing tests for copr.
  • The stale bot is now set with up-to-date config.
  • The imports of packit are simplier.
  • The preparation of SRPM build has been refactored including new exceptions.



  • The "Developer Certificate of Origin" was added to the git repository.


  • Packit will determine upstream_project_url from git remote if not specified in the config.


See our website for up-to-date documentation on how to use the new features described below.

Deprecation changes

  • Rename upstream_project_name option to upstream_package_name.
    • The old one is now deprecated and will be ignored in the future.


  • Packit is now able to be used from a distgit repository.
    • You need to specify upstream_project_url to make it work.
  • New option (upstream_tag_template) was added to the configuration file to support more versioning schemes.
  • You can now use Source and Source0 macros to define upstream sources.
  • The configuration of the authentication was reworked: it nested under authentication key.
    • The scheme now supports multiple git services.


  • Packit now verifies the output of the create-archive action.


This patch release contains only few bug-fixes on top of 0.6.0.


We keep our documentation up to date: - you can learn how to use all the latest features.

Breaking changes

  • pagure_fork_token is no longer needed given a change which happened in pagure (; Pierre rocks!
  • New COPR projects created by packit are no longer listed in the COPR dashboard and are set to be deleted after 180 days upon being created.


  • There is a new command push-updates to mark bodhi updates for stable.
  • Packit now sets description and instructions for newly created COPR projects.
  • There is a new config option to set ID of a spec file Source which packit should operate on (defaults to 0). Packit now also updates the %[auto]setup macro in %prep so that the generated archive is correctly unpacked - this behavior matches what tito does.
  • There is a new action fix-spec which by default sets Source0, %version and %setup macros in spec file - you can override it with your own implementation. Documentation
  • Packit now sets certain environment variables during fix-spec and create-archive actions. You can read more about this in the documentation for actions.


  • Packit can be again installed as an RPM: it correctly depends on koji client library now.
  • If an error happens in a section while doing status, the section is now skipped and rest of the information is printed.
  • Packit is able to handle URLs to git repo if they end with a slash.


Breaking changes

  • Command version no longer exists and is now replaced with a --version option. (thanks to @FrNecas)


  • Fix creation of SRPMs - they can be rebuilt now properly.
  • Don't update %changelog if it's not present in the spec file.
  • Koji builds are now obtained using koji, not bodhi, in status command which should yield more consistent results.
  • Comments in generated .packit.yaml (using generate command) should be now more accurate.
  • Command sync-from-downstream no longer creates a branch when using option --no-pr.
  • Building in copr now yields an URL to frontend instead of a link to log files.
  • status command now displays one update per stable Fedora release.


  • We are using Zuul now instead of Centos CI jenkins.
  • file is now fully up to date when it comes to CI testing.
  • Updates to our testing scripts.


All the documentation was moved to our site:


  • If you set up fas_username in your config, packit will perform kinit before doing an authenticated dist-git clone.
  • You can now specify a koji target when building in koji using the build command.
  • There is a new command copr-build which enables you to submit builds into Fedora COPR build system.
  • The config file now has a new attribute called create_pr which tells packit whether it should create pull requests in dist-git or push directly.
  • build command now waits for the build to finish and has a --nowait.
  • Packit now supports the most popular archive formats, not just .tar.gz (thanks to @FrNecas for contributing this feature)
  • Command propose-update can now push directly to dist-git. This can be controlled via a CLI option --nopr or in a config using create_pr value.
  • When doing a propose-update, packit no longer does a 1:1 copy, instead it copies everything from the upstream spec except for %changelog and then performs rpmdev-bumpspec.


  • SRPMs are now being correctly created from source-git repos.
  • Packit is now able to clone a dist-git repo using authentication (fedpkg clone) and push to it afterwards.
  • packit status now displays also a latest rawhide koji build.
  • The command propose-update does no longer fail when looking for an upstream archive.
  • Packit no longer discards changes in the local git repo if it's dirty.


  • Several improvements to text printed by packit.
  • We are now using Zuul for testing and have multiple jobs set up to verify packit works against different versions of dependant software.


  • Packit now uses Sandcastle to run untrusted commands in a sandbox.
  • Service code has been moved to separate repo.
  • Actions now support more commands per action.
  • Lots of code, documentation and tests fixes.


  • Patch release with few fixes/minor changes.



  • Packit service now submits builds in copr and once they're done it adds a GitHub status and comment with instructions how to install the builds.
  • Packit service is now configurable via jobs defined in configuration file.
  • Packit is now able to check GPG signatures of the upstream commits against configured fingerprints.
  • [CLI] srpm command now works also with Source-git.
  • Fedmsg parsing has been unified into a single listen-to-fedmsg command.
  • Packit service: Github webhook now reacts to ping event and validates payload signature.


  • More source-git related changes have been applied.
  • Few tracebacks when using CLI have been fixed.
  • RPM package now really contains generated man pages.


  • Packit service runs on httpd server.
  • [CLI] status command now access remote APIs asynchronously in parallel, which should speed up the execution.
  • CLI now has --dry-run option to not perform any remote changes (pull requests or comments).
  • Repository now includes Dockerfile and we by default use Docker instead of ansible-bender to build container image.
  • Repository now includes Vagranfile.
  • List of on-boarded projects has been moved to


We have a brand new website:! repo contains source content for Hugo website engine.


  • Packit supports Source-git.
  • You can now specify your own actions to replace default packit behavior.
  • Packit supports upstream projects.
  • Packit {propose-update, sync-from-downstream} supports copying directories.
  • A new status command to display useful upstream/downstream info.
  • You can now have a config file for packit in your home directory(~/.config/packit.yaml).
  • Packit installed from an RPM now has manpages.


  • Downstream pull requests titles now have correct version numbers.
  • sync-from-downstream command constructs a PR correctly when origin is a fork.


  • Improved documentation.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Added MIT license notice into python files.
  • CI shows code coverage and runs linters/checkers defined in pre-commit config file.
  • We've started work on packit service by implementing a handler for a Github webhook. More to come in the next cycle!
  • Packit is able to authenticate as a GitHub App.


Breaking Changes

  • We have renamed two variables in our configuration file:
    • package_namedownstream_package_name
    • upstream_nameupstream_project_name


  • You can now use packit to sync files from your dist-git repo into upstream (mainly to keep spec files in sync). sync-from-downstream is the command.
  • An SRPM can be created out of the current content in your upstream repository — please check out the srpm command.
  • Packit is able to create bodhi updates using the create-update command.
  • You can ask packit to build the latest content of your dist-git repository in koji: the command is build.
  • We have added --force-new-sources option to propose-update update command to bypass our caching optimization.
  • propose-update command now has option --local-content which disables checking out the tag with the upstream release. This is useful if you forget to bump your spec file when doing a release.
  • You are now able to pick a specific upstream release version in propose-update command.


  • Packit checks if the upstream tarball is already present in the lookaside cache so it's not uploaded twice. We have fixed a behavior when the upload part was skipped while having old tarball specified in dist-git. Packit now does the right thing - checks if sources file has the correct tarball referenced.
  • We have updated several error messages which were coming from GitPython and it was not clear what's wrong.


  • We have added to ease contribution to packit. All your patches are welcome!
  • We are now using black, flake8 and mypy to improve code quality.
  • We have moved some info from README to dedicated doc. Also, all the documentation should be up to date.


The first official release of packit!


  • packit propose-update brings a new upstream release into Fedora rawhide. For more info, please check out the documentation.

  • packit watch-releases listens to github events for new upstream releases. If an upstream project uses packit, it would bring the upstream release into Fedora, the same way as packit propose-update. Please make sure that your upstream project is set up using github2fedmsg.