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@usercont-release-bot usercont-release-bot released this Mar 19, 2019


Breaking Changes

  • We have renamed two variables in our configuration file:
    • package_namedownstream_package_name
    • upstream_nameupstream_project_name


  • You can now use packit to sync files from your dist-git repo into upstream
    (mainly to keep spec files in sync). sync-from-downstream is the command.
  • An SRPM can be created out of the current content in your upstream repository
    — please check out the srpm command.
  • Packit is able to create bodhi updates using the create-update command.
  • You can ask packit to build the latest content of your dist-git
    repository in koji: the command is build.
  • We have added --force-new-sources option to propose-update update command
    to bypass our caching optimization.
  • propose-update command now has option --local-content which disables
    checking out the tag with the upstream release. This is useful if you forget
    to bump your spec file when doing a release.
  • You are now able to pick a specific upstream release version in
    propose-update command.


  • Packit checks if the upstream tarball is already present in the lookaside
    cache so it's not uploaded twice. We have fixed a behavior when the upload
    part was skipped while having old tarball specified in dist-git. Packit now
    does the right thing - checks if sources file has the correct tarball
  • We have updated several error messages which were coming from GitPython and
    it was not clear what's wrong.


  • We have added to ease contribution to packit. All your
    patches are welcome!
  • We are now using black, flake8 and mypy to improve code quality.
  • We have moved some info from README to dedicated doc. Also, all the
    documentation should be up to date.
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