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@usercont-release-bot usercont-release-bot released this Apr 9, 2019


We have a brand new website:! repo contains source content for Hugo website engine.


  • Packit supports Source-git.
  • You can now specify your own actions to replace default packit behavior.
  • Packit supports upstream projects.
  • Packit {propose-update, sync-from-downstream} supports copying directories.
  • A new command status! It displays useful upstream/downstream info.
  • You can now have a config file for packit in your home directory(~/.config/packit.yaml).
  • Packit installed from an RPM now has manpages.


  • Downstream pull requests titles now have correct version numbers.
  • sync-from-downstream command constructs a PR correctly when origin is a fork.


  • Improved documentation.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Added MIT license notice into python files.
  • CI shows code coverage and runs linters/checkers defined in pre-commit config file.
  • We've started work on packit service by implementing a handler for a Github
    webhook. More to come in the next cycle!
  • Packit is able to authenticate as a GitHub App.
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