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Main new features

  • The vehicle/ordnance data has been updated to reflect information from the back of counters.
  • Vehicular smoke dispenser Depletion Numbers are now not affected by Elite status.
  • Added a vehicle entry for the LCV.
  • The log file analyzer now recognizes the new-style Turn Track Phase Wheel.
  • Vehicle/ordnance Chapter H note images are now cached.
    If you have set up your Chapter H notes as HTML, and have enabled "Show Chapter H vehicle/ordnance notes as images", this will speed up loading scenarios into VASSAL significantly. Images are created and cached on demand, but if you want to keep these cached images permanently, configure VO_NOTES_IMAGE_CACHE_DIR in your site.cfg file to point to where you want to keep them. You can al…
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Installation notes

  • Some data files have been moved around, so if you like to be tidy, delete your old installation before installing this new one.
  • Scenarios with the ANZAC's will no longer work. To fix them up, open the save file in a text editor and change the PLAYER_# value from "anzac" to "british~anzac".
  • If you have set up Chapter H notes for the ANZAC's in Blood & Jungle, you will need to move the containing directory from anzac/vehicles/adf-bj/ to british/vehicles/adf-bj/. Check the placeholders ZIP file for more details.


  • Added support for VASL 3.5.5 and VASL 6.6.2.
  • Added the Australian nationality.
  • Made the British vehicles/ordnance available to the ANZAC nationality.
  • Added Note D to the British OML 2-in. Mortars.
  • Fixed…
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IMPORTANT: If you're running from source, you will need to rebuild your virtual environment. The officially-targeted version of Python is 3.8.7, but unofficially, 3.9.1 (the current version on Fedora) also appears to work. If you're running in Docker, the image will be rebuilt automatically.

  • Updated to Python 3.8.7, and all dependencies.

  • Cells in the "Grid" extras template can now be labelled.

  • Added an optional caption to the "Count remaining" extras template.

  • Line graphs are now shown (by default) in the log file analysis report.

  • On Windows, if Java has not been configured, the one that comes with VASSAL will be used.

  • Fixed how single-year date-specific vehicle/ordnance capabilities are calculated.

  • Changed how we auto-adju…

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Handle compressed responses when downloading scenarios from the web server.

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Main new features:

  • Added support for VASSAL 3.4.2 and .6 and VASL 6.6.0 and .1
  • Added support for Fight For Seoul.
  • Added a report to the log file analyzer that shows the number of 2's and 12's rolled, and Sniper Activations.
  • Got the full functionality working when running in a Docker container.

IMPORTANT: Older versions of VASSAL and VASL are no longer supported. I tried, but it just got too messy :( You will also need to configure a newer version of Java (the one that comes installed with VASSAL is fine).

Other minor features and bug fixes:

  • Improved how the latest scenarios are downloaded from ROAR and the ASL Scenario Archive.
  • Adjusted the layout of dialogs in the desktop application for HiDPI.
  • Added icons to the File menu.
  • Added a d…
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Handle time zones correctly when unloading the scenario date from the UI.

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Main new features

  • Added the ability to analyze log files.
  • Added integration with the ASL Scenario Archive.

Other minor features and bug fixes

  • Added an option to confirm User Settings before updating a VASL scenario.
  • Scenarios are now saved as formatted JSON.
  • Added a popup menu item to generate a snippet as an image.
  • Added icons to the menu items.
  • [EXC: ...] blocks can now be styled in snippets.
  • Changed how the Escape key is handled.
  • Added an ATMM template for the Romanians.
  • The VASSAL shim can now access its properties file.
  • A detached HEAD is now handled when reporting what the active git branch is.
  • Syntax errors in the logging config file are now handled.
  • Disabled logging of some warnings about VASL extensions at startup.
  • Fixed a pr…
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Main new features:

  • Added support for Korea: Forgotten War.
  • Added support for VASL 6.5.1.
  • The labels for vehicle/ordnance OB now contain additional comments from Chapter H.
  • Added new templates to generate labels for National Capabilities, and a quick-reference chart for OBA red/black chits.

Other enhancements and bug fixes:

  • The "count remaining" extras template now highlights the relevant row (based on the scenario date).
  • The "grid" extras template can now have a caption.
  • Labels belonging to other nationalities are no longer updated when updating a scenario.
  • The window titlebar now shows if a scenario has been modified.
  • Fixed a problem that was sometimes causing a scenario to not be detected as having being modified.
  • The UI now shows w…
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The main change is support for VASL 6.5.0.

Other changes:

  • Added an extras template for Kakazu Ridge cave complexes.
  • Stopped the "grid" extras template from generating numerous blank lines.
  • Fixed URL's that reference online counter images that have a space in their name.
  • Improved how the Docker container works.
  • Minor UI changes.
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Upgraded PyInstaller (for a security fix) and rebuilt the Windows release.