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Hill 621 (Scenario E) (online).vsav
Hill 621 (Scenario E).json
Hill 621 (Scenario E).png
Hill 621 (Scenario E).vsav
Hube's Pocket (Scenario G) (online).vsav
Hube's Pocket (Scenario G).json
Hube's Pocket (Scenario G).png
Hube's Pocket (Scenario G).vsav
The Streets Of Stalingrad (Scenario C) (online).vsav
The Streets Of Stalingrad (Scenario C).json
The Streets Of Stalingrad (Scenario C).png
The Streets Of Stalingrad (Scenario C).vsav

Example scenarios

This directory contains examples of VASL Templates in action, with the .json save files that you can load into the program, as well as the VASL .vsav scenario files created using the generated labels.

The online versions contain images that will be loaded from the internet, which looks much better, but there will be a short delay when you open the scenario in VASSAL as the images are downloaded.

These scenarios were taken from Multi-Man Publishing's ASL Classic scenario pack.

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