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FFI (Foreign Function Interface) bindings for ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) As ffi bindings to C-APIs are low level by nature this library is intended to be the foundation of other libraries to build on top, rather than to be used directly.

Design Goals

  • Providing declarations of ODBC Symbols compatible to the C-Interface of an ODBC Driver Manager
  • Provide correct definition of symbols for Unix and Windows in either 32Bit or 64Bit flavour
  • Not to abstract away any power of the underlying API
  • Increase type safety where feasable
  • As it is as of now unlikely to happen that anyone is writing ODBC 2.0 applications in Rust therefore deprecated symbols like 'SQLAllocEnv' have been left out intentionally.

Current State

Symbols are added to this library as we go along implementing uses cases in higher level APIs. If you miss something please do not hesitate to contribute.


Thanks to the folks of for building and hosting the documentation!


Want to help out? Just create an issue, pull request or contact

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