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💻 Using Mask R-CNN to blur the background of an image
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Blur the background of an image

This project uses the Mask R-CNN algorithm to blur the background of an image leaving the object focused. The aim was to simulate the effect of the iPhone X or other phones camera when you are taking a selfie and it blurs the background leaving you as prettiest as you are (it doesn't do magic, I am sorry).

The Mask R-CNN was published March 2017, by the Facebook AI Research (FAIR).

This paper claims state of the art performance for detecting instance segmentation masks. If you want to know more, you can check the original paper.

Mask R-CNN implementation

This project uses the Mask R-CNN implementation from Matterport, Inc in Tensorflow and Keras, you can check it and please leave them a star in their repository.

A few changes have been made:

- A new function to take the mask and save in a new matrix the pixels where the objects are present.

- Perform the blurring and assign the original image values to the blurred pixels where the objects are present.

A Gaussian filter is applied in order to blur the image.


Python 3.4, TensorFlow 1.3, Keras 2.0.8 and other common packages listed in requirements.txt.

To install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use

The main script is An example of execution would be as follows:

python3 --input_name input_image.png --output_name blurred.png

It would save the new image in the location given.


Example of blurred image

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