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A wall of comments for tog applications

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Tog Wall

Tog wall management

Included functionality

  • Comment in a wall
  • Reply comments in a wall
  • Like comments
  • Flow pagination
  • Collapse replies


Gem requirements


  • Install plugin form source:
ruby script/plugin install git://
  • Generate installation migration:
ruby script/generate migration install_tog_wall
  with the following content:
class InstallTogWall 

  • Add tog_wall's routes to your application's config/routes.rb
map.routes_from_plugin 'tog_wall'
  • And finally...
rake db:migrate
  • Run the test with
rake tog:plugins:test PLUGIN=tog_wall


  • Show people like some graffity/comment
  • Add flow_pagination support using an actually flow_pagination instead will_paginate
  • Make possible to run the specs
  • Add examples of cucumber features with mundopepino or not
  • Better styling
  • Version using jQuery instead Prototype for the javascript behaviour
  • Create an wall-to-wall with other user as facebook does
  • In your wall (friends + you or friends or you)


jQuery Form -

Copyright (c) Paco Guzman, released under the MIT license

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