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Pact JS End-to-End Example

Using a simple animal dating API, we demonstrate the following Pact features:

This comprises a complete E2E example that can be used as a basis for projects.

The Example Project

[Matching API] -> [Profile API]+(DB)

Provider (Profile API)

Provides Animal profile information, including interests, zoo location and other personal details.

Consumer (Matching API)

Given an animal profile, recommends a suitable partner based on similar interests.

Running the tests

  1. npm install (on the root project directory)
  2. npm run compile (on the root project directory)
  3. npm run test:consumer (from e2e directory) - Run consumer tests
  4. npm run test:publish (from e2e directory) - Publish contracts to the broker
  5. npm run test:provider (from e2e directory) - Run provider tests


Running the API

If you want to experiment with the API to get an understanding:

  1. npm run api - Runs the both provider and consumer API

or individually :

  1. npm run provider - Runs the provider API (animal service)
  2. npm run consumer - Runs the consumer API (matching service)

Animal Profile API

The APIs are described below, including a bunch of cURL statements to invoke them.

GET /animals

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 1234" -X GET "http://localhost:8081/animals"

GET /animals/:id

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 1234" -X GET "http://localhost:8081/animals/1"

GET /animals/available

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 1234" -X GET http://localhost:8081/animals/available

POST /animals

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 1234" -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
  "first_name": "aoeu",
  "last_name": "aoeu",
  "age":  21,
  "gender": "M",
  "location": {
    "description": "Melbourne Zoo",
    "country": "Australia",
    "post_code": 3000
  "eligibility": {
    "available": true,
    "previously_married": false
  "interests": [
    "walks in the garden/meadow",
    "munching on a paddock bomb",
}' "http://localhost:8081/animals"

Matching service

GET /suggestions/:id

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 1234" -X GET http://localhost:8080/suggestions/1

Viewing contracts with the Pact Broker

A test Pact Boker is running at

  • Username: dXfltyFMgNOFZAxr8io9wJ37iUpY42M
  • Password: O5AIZWxelWbLvqMd8PkAVycBJh2Psyg1

Or use the API:

curl -v -u 'dXfltyFMgNOFZAxr8io9wJ37iUpY42M:O5AIZWxelWbLvqMd8PkAVycBJh2Psyg1'

Running with Vagrant

We have created a Vagrantfile to be able to test out the project in an isolated and repeatable way.

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant
npm i
npm run compile
cd examples/e2e
npm i
npm run test:consumer
npm run test:provider
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