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Additionally, to the secret-sharing-library, I implemented a Java prototype for secret sharing between multiple clients as a part of my master thesis. The prototype is a Java 8 application with a command interface that uses the library available in the "secret-sharing-library" repository. When using only the library it is necessary to adapt the code, whenever an additional participant is needed or the multiparty computation program changes. In contrast, the prototype allows an arbitrary number of participants to join a session without performing adaptions in the code. Every instance of the prototype application is a single client in the network and every client can act as a dealer, a player, a combiner or an adversary in a session. The clients can communicate directly with one client and can also send broadcast messages to a group of clients. For the communication, the open-source library JGroups is used. JGroups is a toolkit for reliable messaging, where clusters can be created and nodes of a cluster can send messages to every other node in the cluster.

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