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moved al logic related to managing client state into a new owa_client…

… class.

all php clients now derive from owa_client
cleaned up handlers by removing checks for inbound session/visitor id
ading missing queue_item entity
moved tracking methods from owa_caller to owa_client
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padams committed Sep 19, 2010
1 parent 22703c5 commit b79f91c871a4b0376b33f1e8a50c4e578bd75a99
10 log.php
@@ -31,14 +31,10 @@
* @since owa 1.0.0
$config = array();
$config['delay_first_hit'] = false;
$owa = new owa_php($config);
$owa = new owa_php();
$owa->e->debug('Logging Event from Url...');
// run controller or view and echo page content
// log event
echo $owa->logEventFromUrl();
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