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Page view counts with URLs containing ampersands are always stated to be 0 on "page detail:" #316

buggbear opened this Issue Feb 25, 2018 · 6 comments


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buggbear commented Feb 25, 2018

"Page view" counts with URLs containing ampersands are always stated to be 0 on "page detail", alltough the number of page views are correctly counted on "Content Overview", "Top Pages".

The sql query for page view is not properly generated. When I change all & to the & symbol only, the query returns the correct values (table of views per each day).

Example of a non working query, taken from debug log.

Query: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT request.session_id) as visits, COUNT( as pageViews FROM owa_request as request
JOIN owa_document AS document_via_document_id ON request.document_id = WHERE request.yyyymmdd BETWEEN '20180218' AND '20180225' A
ND document_via_document_id.url = '
amp;amp;virtuemart_category_id=123&Itemid=1242&lang=de' AND request.site_id = '963cccfd012db7ceafdc48e8e6d931ad' LIMIT 1

Revision: 1750, current TRUNK


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padams commented Feb 25, 2018


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PauloBoaventura commented Feb 26, 2018

Hello, I installed OWA and after 3 days in our ... In the data ...
I'm using Joomla.

Should I have any permissions on the .htaccess or something similar?

Can I use Magento?

How to proceed?

Thank you for the development and I really want to print whatever you need ...



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buggbear commented Feb 26, 2018

Thanks for you fast response, Peter!

I switched to 1.6.1 from MASTER branch, cleared cache but get the same problem. The query it generates still shows those two extra amp; (url encoded & sign) in the log file

my enviroment is php 7. 1, apache-2.4.27-r1


Some new visits are now correctly counted, older entries and some new are still not counted to the total amount of views. Maybe they have been stored in mysql as text with those two amp; chars.

into 'owa_document' I see sometimes single amps

and sometimes double amps


However, I couln't figure out which is the corrent format for URL and URI fields... If I would know, I could write a simple script that recodes all the strings there....


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PauloBoaventura commented Feb 26, 2018

Hi, @buggbear
I use Joomla and see you too.
I have no answer at all.
Can you tell me if I have to do any specific configuration?

Hi, @padams
I'm attaching my log. To take a look and see what I can modify.
Thanks in advance!


Uso. Mysql 5.6 / Apache


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buggbear commented Feb 27, 2018


Please open your own issue. Click the "NEW ISSUE" button in the upper left corner and describe your problem.

This is not a chat, it's a bug tracker.

Best regards.


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buggbear commented Mar 2, 2018

Now, after logging visitors for a while with master 1.6.1, it seems all pages that to not contain concatenated url parameters (like &param=value) do work completly fine.

All those page URLs that contain a longer list of parameters separated with & are NOT COUNTED on the "Page view". There I always get 0 (due to the incorrect SELECT string mentioned in the first report).

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