MediaWiki Integration

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OWA distributions include a Mediawiki Extension that can be used to easily add OWA tracking and analytics to any MediaWiki based web sites.


  • MW 1.15.x or later (tested up to 1.16.0)

Extension Features

  • Automatic tracking of Article, Category and Special pages
  • Automatic Tracking of Mediawiki events such as:
    • Article creation
    • Article edit
    • Article deletion
    • Nw User Registrations
    • User Logins
    • File Uploads
  • Track both anonymous and registered MediaWiki users
  • Access OWA's reports and admin functions via an OWA Special Page
  • Control access to OWA reports via Mediawiki roles and authentication

Installing the Extension

To install the Mediawiki extension follow these installation instructions.

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