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php intelligent code completion http server
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Padawan.php smart php intelligent code completion for php projects

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Looking for maintainers! Please join gitter channel for discussion

Padawan.php is an http server that parses your project and gives you completions. Padawan.php looks recursively for all php files of a composer project, parses doc-comments and function declarations of each class and creates an index from them. After that it autoupdates the index and gives you completion as you type.

Padawan.php can be extended by various plugins, which will bring some extra completion, framework integrations or so. See this paragraph to learn more

It tries to be a Jedi, but currently it's only a padawan :)

Plugins for editors

  1. Vim
  2. Neovim
  3. Sublime Text: Padawan for ST3 and SublimePHPCompanion

If you wish to write your own plugin, vim plugin example may serve as a source of inspiration. Look at wiki page for some documentation. You are welcome to open an issue if you have any questions.

Demo videos

Watch this short videos to see what it can already do(image is clickable) ScreenShot ScreenShot

How to use

  • Install padawan.php through composer:
$ composer global require mkusher/padawan
  • Install plugin for your editor.
  • Run index generation command in your php composer project folder:
padawan generate
  • Start padawan's server
  • Enjoy smart completion

Check out how to do this in the plugin documentation for specific editor above.

Plugins(extensions) for padawan.php

Padawan.php can be extended by plugins, there are:

  • Symfony2 plugin
  • PHP-DI plugin

Look at full plugins list

Why not the original plugin

This project was inspired by phpcomplete-extended by M2mdas and started as a fork with a completely rewritten index generation part. But as of now it is a completely new project with different design principles

M2mdas's plugin is pretty good, but has some core bugs due to self-written parser:

  • It does not support files with 2 or more classes in it
  • It fails on parsing RabbitMQ classes and many others
  • So it has some design faults and needs a global plugin redesign
  • It is ill-suited for adding assignment parsing
  • It is vim-only and is written in VimScript

So, I decided to create my own project.


Install igbinary PHP extension to get optimized index file size and load speed.


Now in progress:

  • Implement go to definition, go to assingment, show documentation
  • Add plugins for editors(emacs, atom and etc.)
  • Extend type guessing(process classes' contructors, class doc-comment, foreach loops)
  • Implement index updating


MIT licensed.


This plugin would not have been possible without the works of Nikita Popov on his amazing PHP-Parser, React team on their http server, M2mdas, Dave Halter and many others.

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