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+**Note**: I originally wasn't sure I was going to publish this. I wrote it to get something off my chest, but I was concerned it was too personal to consider publishing. The somoene had the immense courage to [post on Hacker News]( about their depression and needing help. I spoke with that person, chatted with him, and hope we continue chatting. He's a wonderful person. And that is why this post is being published.
I've used Twitter regularly since 2008. My intention is not to try and claim that I was using the service before it was cool; I'm not entirely sure I was. My point is simply that, for about four years now, I've become increasingly prone to tweeting without thinking. It's more of a prosthesis, an extension of myself, than it is a service. At the time of this writing, I've posted 17,360 tweets. That's almost eleven tweets a day, every day, for four years. More important than the quantity of tweets, however, is their content; you'll find no better representation of my personality.
There are tweets about my ongoing love affair with pickles ([1](, [2](, [3]( There's the ongoing epic around a teddy bear that is far more awesome than he as any right to be ([1](, [2](, [3](, [4](, [5](, [6](, [7]( There are my frank admissions that I'm absolutely crazy ([1](, [2](, [3](, [4](, [5](, [6](, [7]( There are moments of clarity, when I realise how fortunate I am ([1](, [2]( There are times where I publicly harangue my good friend, [Dylan]( ([1](, [2]( (and, when he's lucky, [shower praise on him]( There are jokes about what an asshole I am ([1](, [2](, or how inappropriate I can sometimes be ([1](, [2](, [3](, [4](, [5](, [6](, [7]( There is my ongoing fascination with injuring myself in odd ways ([1](, [2](, [3]( There are my [moments]( of [hubris]( There's my ongoing adventure with (prescribed) medication ([1](, [2]( There's my [love affair]( with [Call Me Maybe]( There's my refusal to accept the way [education]( and [employment]( work. There are my public resignations to failure ([1](, [2](, [3]( and my shared [exuberance at success]( There's my [love of dancing]( There are admissions that a project is not going as well as I'd like ([1](, [2]( There are [pep talks to myself]( There's my [unique way of describing things I love]( There's my war against my roommate's demon kittens ([1](, [2]( There are [silly parodies of pop songs]( I make up because I'm crazy. There's [my refusal](( to [act my age]( There are moments when I [dare to dream](—even if it's [a silly dream](

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