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Visual Studio Code extension to run commands whenever a file is saved
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Run saved file in Terminal or a VS Code Extension command

Fork from vscode-save-and-run

Extends the original extension to execute VS Code extension commands or terminal-commands


  • Configure multiple commands (terminal or command from VS Code extension) that run when a file is saved
  • Regex pattern matching for files that trigger commands running


  • Commands only get run when saving an existing file. Creating new files, and Save as... don't trigger the commands.

  • For Ubuntu user, you have to install xclip

    sudo apt-get install xclip


Add "saveAndRunExt" configuration to user or workspace settings.

  • "commands" - array of commands that will be run whenever a file is saved.
    • "match" - a regex for matching which files to run commands on
    • "cmd" - command to run. Can include parameters that will be replaced at runtime (see Placeholder Tokens section below).

Sample Config

"saveAndRunExt": {
	"commands": [
			"match": ".*",
			"isShellCommand" : false,
			"cmd": "myExtension.amazingCommand"
			"match": "\\.txt$",
			"cmd": "echo 'Executed in the terminal: I am a .txt file ${file}.'"


The following commands are exposed in the command palette

  • Save and Run Ext : Enable
  • Save and Run Ext : Disable

Placeholder Tokens

Commands support placeholders similar to tasks.json.

  • ${workspaceRoot}: workspace root folder
  • ${file}: path of saved file
  • ${relativeFile}: relative path of saved file
  • ${fileBasename}: saved file's basename
  • ${fileDirname}: directory name of saved file
  • ${fileExtname}: extension (including .) of saved file
  • ${fileBasenameNoExt}: saved file's basename without extension
  • ${cwd}: current working directory

Environment Variable Tokens

  • ${env.Name}



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