JSF 2 tag library containing various components to create fancy diagrams
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VisualFaces is a JSF tag library that can be included to draw diagrams in any Java Server Faces based web application. All visualizations are based on D3.js, a free Java Script SVG library. VisualFaces not only serves as a growing library but also as an example for using my JSF component tutorial.


VisualFaces is published under the MIT license. Additionally, the word cloud requires a separate license. Whenever you use VisualFaces in a commercial or non commercial project I'd be happy to be contacted via my blog and named in a kind of credits file.


* Bubble Chart
* Calendar Chart
* Word Cloud
* Flare Chart
* Hierarchy Bar
* Collapsible Tree
* Zoomable Treemap
* Chord Chart
* Sunburst Chart
* Parallel Set
* Transition Diagram
* Collapsible Intended Treemap
* Choropleth
* 3D Globe


1. Include lib/VisualFaces.jar in your JSF 2 project (WEB-INF/lib)
2. Add the namespace xmlns:j="http://www.jofre.de/visualfaces" in your xhtml file 
3. Use code completion to see the tags for the charts included in the tag library, 
       e.g. <j:bubblechart width="600" height="600" />
4. Specify the input via the input tag. You can either use Strings or URLs to files containing a txt file.
       If you do not use the enter tag, the library picks a dummy input from META-INF\resources\dummydata.

Planned improvements

* Some components are difficult to align on an HTML page. This is because of some troubles I had during positioning the SVG structures.
* The Choropleth is only enabled to show maps of Germany. If there is anyone having topojson files for any other country I'd be happe to get them.


BubbleChart CalendarChart CollapsibleTreemap FlareChart HierarchyBar WordCloud ZoomableTreemap ChordChart ParallelSet SunburstChart TransitionDiagram CollapsibleIntendedTree Choropleth 3DGlobe