A simple abstraction to simplify the process of adding your own JavaScript enhancements. Read README.txt
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parseScripts is copyright (c) James Padolsey

'parseScripts' is a simple abstraction you can
use the simplify the process of enhancing JavaScript
syntax as you so desire.

To use it, markup your custom content/code in a
SCRIPT element; make sure to give it a custom type
attribute, e.g.

<script type="mycoolstuff">...</script>

Then, at the end of your document (or on doc.ready)
make a call to parseScripts in the following way:

parseScripts('mycoolstuff', function(unparsed){
    // Valid JavaScript must be returned
    return parsed;

First argument can be a string or RegExp, the type
will be tested against this to target specific
SCRIPT elements within the document.

The second argument is a function to which the
unprocessed textual content of the SCRIPT
element will be passed; it's expected that valid
JavaScript will be returned from the function...

More info: Watch: JAMES.PADOLSEY.COM