Proxying Objects -Another Gotcha #39

royweston opened this Issue Dec 1, 2011 · 1 comment

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Came across this style of code. Proxying an object that is used in a 'method_exists' call breaks the code as the method is not defined on the proxy object. A simple but not so straight forward answer would be to change all the code to use type hinting.

class AClass
    public function aMethod()
        return 3;

class BClass
    public function __construct($aClass) {
        if (!$aClass || !is_object($aClass) || !method_exists($aClass, "aMethod")) {
            throw new Exception("Invalid AClass object passed to ".__METHOD__);
    // ...

$stubAClass = \Mockery::mock('overload:AClass', array('aMethod' => null));
$bClass = new BClass($stubAClass);

I've run in to this, is is_callable a viable alternative to method_exists?

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