added better error message handling for ->with() handlers. #95

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This now prints all public properties and getter values of an object parameter,
so you can better compare, what went wrong with thos objects.

Falk Kühnel and others added some commits Oct 11, 2012
mvriel commented Nov 22, 2012

👍 for this; I have lost more than an hour because I didn't know that a failing with would throw, what seems to be, an unrelated message

@davedevelopment davedevelopment commented on the diff Dec 10, 2012
+ /**
+ * Utility function to format objects to printable arrays
+ *
+ * @param array $args
+ * @return string
+ */
+ public static function formatObjects(array $args = null)
+ {
+ $hasObjects = false;
+ $parts = array();
+ $return = 'Objects: (';
+ if ($args && !empty($args)) {
+ foreach($args as $arg) {
+ if (is_object($arg)) {
+ $hasObjects = true;
+ $parts[get_class($arg)] = self::_objectToArray($arg);
davedevelopment Dec 10, 2012 collaborator

Will this be ok with multiple arguments of the same class?

padraic Jan 11, 2013 owner

My screen may explode but I'll check over the weekend.

padraic commented Jan 11, 2013

@cogitatio Could you rebase this PR to master if possible? I'll review this in the next day or two and hopefully merge it in. Thanks for contributing!

padraic commented Feb 4, 2013

@cogitatio This has now been merged to master. Thanks for the PR!

@padraic padraic closed this Feb 4, 2013
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