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Simple benchmark comparing the Wibble, HTMLPurifier and HtmLawed HTML Sanitisers for speeeeeeeeeeeed!
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reconfigured HtmLawed to strip all tags - less intensive so it's perf…

…ormance is now better than Wibble
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Padraic Brady authored


Wibble Benchmarks against HTMLPurifier and HtmLawed


Wibble is a proposed HTML Sanitiser for Zend Framework 2.0. This benchmark
compares its speed against two common alternatives in PHP. The benchmark requires
PHP 5.3 since Wibble is a ZF 2.0 targeted library.


1. Clone from git - doh!

2. Install PEAR Benchmark package:
    pear install Benchmark
3. Run benchmark!
    php benchmark.php

Benchmark runs a filter operation per library across three types of files
of varying size, text content and markup heaviness. The operation is run
100 times by default (can edit benchmark.php to adjust) and the aggregate time
taken is reported.

What you should see:

Wibble outperform HTMLPurifier in all tests. It will outperform HtmLawed also
for the Big and Medium tests. The Medium test will be a close call. On the Small
test, HtmLawed should be approximately twice as fast as Wibble since the smaller
input size won't put much stress on its regular expressions.

If you see result that are significantly different, please report them! Same goes
if you have any ideas about making the benchmark fairer than this admittedly
simplistic approach.

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