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  1. (Italian dictionary) Field of turnips. It is also a place where there is confusion, where tricks and sims are plotted.

  2. (Computer science) Statistics, data mining and machine learning library written in Java.

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Rapaio is a rich collection of data mining, statistics and machine learning tools written completely in Java. Documentation for this library is hosted as github pages. Most of the documentation is written as Jupyter notebooks and hosted at rapaio-notebooks github repository. The notebooks repository can also be spinned up through binder.


Last published release on maven central is 2.4.0


The best way for exploration is through jupyter / jupyter-lab notebooks. This is excellent for experimenting with interactive notebooks or to document the ideas you are working on.

You have to install jupyter / jupyter-lab and IJava kernel. For more information you can follow the instruction from IJava. The following notation is specific to IJava kernel jupyter notation.

%maven io.github.padreati:rapaio:2.4.0  


Many thanks to JetBrains who provided open source licenses for their brilliant IDE a

Many thanks to SpencerPark for the java kernel he realized IJava jupyter kernel.

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