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Contributed plugins and utilities for Padrino Framework
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Contributed Plugins and Utilities

This package includes a variety of add-on components for Padrino Framework:

  • breadcrumbs - Simple breadcrumb navigation helpers
  • exception_notifier - Send errors through mail or/and to redmine
  • auto_locale - Switch for you automatically the I18n.locale
  • flash_session - Middleware that help you in passing your session in the URI, when it should be in the cookie.
  • orm_ar_permalink - Generate permalink for a specified column on ActiveRecord
  • orm_ar_permalink_i18n - Generate permalink for a specified multi language column(s) on ActiveRecord
  • orm_ar_translate - Translate for you your ActiveRecord columns
  • orm_mm_permalink - Generate permalink for a specified column on MongoMapper
  • orm_mm_search - Full text search in MongoMapper in specified columns
  • helpers_assets_compressor - Joins and compress your js/css with yui-compressor


In your Padrino project edit:

# Gemfile
gem 'padrino-contrib'

# boot.rb
require 'padrino-contrib/exception_notifier'
# require 'padrino-contrib/orm/active_record/permalink'
# require 'padrino-contrib/orm/active_record/textile'
# require 'padrino-contrib/helpers/breadcrumbs'

Padrino.load! # Remember to add contribs before that line!

# app.rb
class MyApp < Padrino::Application
  register Padrino::Contrib::ExceptionNotifier
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