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0.9.15 (Unreleased)

  • Fixed an issue with reloader

  • Added erubis support [Thanks Cored]

  • Fixed custom conditions

  • Adds Template/Plugin generation

  • Added regex support in routes

  • Removed some deprecations

  • Fixes options_for_select helper selected logic and added test

  • Added Before/After load hooks

  • Fixes DataMapper.finalize

  • Fixes issue with invalid class on form fields [Thanks RichGuk]

  • Enhances Datamapper database creation [Thanks Lusis]

  • Adds a span around 'required' note for form fields

  • Fixes padrino bin command to properly display help

  • Stores component file in project after choices are validated

  • Added Ohm support [Thanks to Lusis]

  • Updated require_dependencies to take a version

  • Fixes app destroy option

  • Adds Dutch translation [Thanks to Martijin]

  • Adds Polish translation [Thanks to Kriss]

  • Added scss for stylesheet generation

  • Added mongomatic as an orm component [Thanks to lusis]

  • Added liquid as an renderer component [Thanks to rwilcox]


  • Application generator should create public subfolder

  • Refactored application mounter class

  • Updated mongomapper to use bson_ext

  • Use entity code instead of copyright symbol

  • Ensure app generation creates own public folder

  • Fixed padrino g alias

  • Fixed distance_of_time_in_words helper [Thanks to Yannick Koechlin]


  • Fixed a problem with padrino g the alias of padrino-gen

  • Fixed a naming bug in relation to using classify to manipulate project name

  • Refactored and enhanced rake routes (and rake routes:app)


  • Deprecated mount_core and remove references

  • Fixed problem with czech translation file

  • Fixed a problem with routes with same path but different verbs and provides


  • Fixed provides with IE

  • DM 1.0 and AR Tasks compat

  • Fixed DM 1.0 rake tasks

  • Dropped support of :respond_to in favor of :provides

  • Added provides in controller level App.controller :provides => [:json, :xml]

  • Added compatibility with AS 3.0

  • Fixed compatibility with DM 1.0

  • Improves dependencies in a Gemfile and autoinjected into gemspecs

  • Allow models to be generated in subapps with –app flag

  • Added bundler support also for testing [Thanks to Ryanfitz]

  • Updated I18n dependency to version > 0.4.0

  • Padrino now uses http_router instead of usher to handle url routing

  • Reorganized a bit ours “servers”

  • Added support for easily adding custom dependency paths with Padrino.custom_dependencies(“…”)

  •! now perform Padrino.load! automatically (useful if you want to use!)

  • PADRINO_ROOT if not defined will be automatically detected

  • Improved reloader (that fixes also problems with MM)

  • Core refactoring

  • Fixed mounter in certain scenarios (i.e. single app file)

  • Fixed an issue when using only Padrino Rendering (without Padrino Routing) in a Sinatra application

  • Fixed a path must always match the url_format and optionally the given request.accept

  • Updated usher version which fix a problem using :provides with dashes in the URL

  • Improve the router's use of base uri's in url(). [Thanks to Lholden]

  • Support params as arrays for generation. More efficent generation

  • Added 405 support

  • Removed jeweler dependency and use dynamic gemspecs

  • Fixed / Updated German translations [Thanks to Gottlike]

  • Fixed a problem with extensions since Sinatra#register extend every thing

  • Fixed a problem when reloading apps

  • Fixed Mongoid adapter using updated master branch

  • Moved bundler dependency from padrino-core to padrino-gen

  • Moved I18n dependency from padrino-core to padrino-helpers

  • Use 'mail' library and remove 'tmail' dependency for padrino-mailer

  • Adds support for a quick 'email' helper for delivering mail in padrino-mailer

  • Replaces old mailer syntax with a more consistent dsl

  • Allow default rendering options to be changed [Thanks to Skade]

  • Fixed ensure to load database conf before everything

  • Prevent htm, html mismatch in content_type [Thanks to Skade]

  • Fixed issue with rake test tasks

  • Fixed an issue with trailing delimiters for index controller actions (i.e /posts/)

  • Fixed issue with sequel in admin gem

  • Fixed error_messages_for to use humanized attribute

  • Fixed indentation issues for orm generators

  • Added Ukrainian translation [Thanks to Mama]

  • Added Spanish translation [Thanks to Alvaro]

  • Added Turkish translation [Thanks to Selman ULUG]

  • Added Czech translation [Thanks to Josef Pospíši]

  • Added support for disabling asset timestamps via setting

  • Fixed issue with invalid field names

  • Adds tiny skeleton generation for project and app generators

  • Adds support for a '–app' option to specify app name in project generator

  • Adds support for '–adapter' option which specifies what SQL adapter to use(for AR, Datamapper, Sequel)

  • Fixed escaping of javascript [Thanks to Ryan Fitzgerald]

  • Adds dojo.js as script component

  • Adds compass component for stylesheets in project generator [Thanks to Ryan Fitzgerald]


  • Fixed DM Migration Issue with Text, Boolean etc… [Thanks to Snusnu and Akzhan]

  • Fixed Issue with deploying Padrino apps to a Sub-URI

  • Fixed padrino g and padrino gen aliases

  • Refactored padrino-gen internals

  • Colorized logs

  • Added support for 'rake routes' task

  • Disabled sessions by defaults as Sinatra do

  • Enable sessions for admin app since authentication require it

  • Don't load Rack::Logger if our log_level is not :debug

  • Set real values for app.public and app.static because due to frequently calls

  • Updated templates with new changes

  • Performance tuning: Caching layout template

  • Fixed a bug with layouts that prevent double rendering

  • Added Scoped filters

  • Added Scoped layout

  • Our routing system now with :provides or :respond_to (other than route format) match “request.accept”

  • Our routes now accepts Sinatra 1.0 conditions

  • Routing refactoring

  • Now mounter use the our new Router instead of Rack::Builder

  • Added a new router class that handle in a easy why domains

  • Performance Tuning: Caching templates

  • Danish translation [Thanks to Molte]

  • Russian translation [Thanks to Imm]

  • Added extcore as a javascript option in project generator [Thanks to Imm]

  • Updated jquery to v1.4.2

  • Added couchdb support for padrino-admin [Thanks to Ghostm]

  • Brazilian Translation [Thanks to Deminew]

  • French Translation [Thanks to Mickey]

  • ActiveSupport 3.0 Compatibility fixes

  • Removed VERSION files. This prevent problems described here:

  • Added default values for controllers

  • Updated sequel generation to work with sqlite3.

  • Fixes support for index routes with params.

  • Fixes SASS reload plugin issue on 1.9.X.

  • Fixes an issue with generator not casing controller / model names

  • Fixes issue with mounter and locating the app file

  • Added sequel support for padrino-admin [Thanks to Aemadrid]

  • Added basic sequel migration tasks [Thanks to Aemadrid]

  • Mailer now supports setting template path to render explicitly


  • Minor typo fixes


  • Dropped compatibility with Sinatra < 1.0

  • Ruby 1.8.6 compat

  • Initials additions for make Padrino compat with ruby 1.9.2

  • Fixed a small issue with Passenger and Ruby 1.9.1

  • Removed clear_template_cache! since Sinatra 1.0. now has settings.reload_templates

  • Fixed error_messages_for with custom locales

  • Added “padrino gen”, “padrino g” as alias of padrino-gen.

  • Prevent that an account destroy itself

  • Removed some unused code from padrino-admin

  • Improved Padrino Admin Generator, now admin_page accepts multiple models

  • Fixed Padrino Admin Account where the accounts password field is in plain text (text_field)

  • Added layouts folder back into application skeleton

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to render erb or haml properly in a js response

  • Added support for forcing render of specified template (i.e render 'foo.haml' in js request)


  • Fixed a problem with folders called “sinatra” and PADRINO_IGNORE_CALLERS

  • Fixed TestTask

  • Fixed admin generator since not all ruby versions respond to “lines”

  • Fixed an issue in Sinatra::ShowExceptions since Bundler changes the Gem.dir

  • Removed from Sinatra::ShowExceptions and clean_backtrace padrino code

  • Added layout finder with format and locale

  • Improved template finder (with format and locale)

  • Fixed a bug that duplicates admin menus during app reloading

  • Added feed_tag helper for rss / atom auto discovery

  • Removed Mailer Initializer from and added it to the mailer generator

  • Removed duplicate app folder in project skeleton

  • Couchrest generator now include in Gemfile json_pure

  • Fixed project name when using some like

  • Fixed a small typo error in app template

  • Fixes issue with formatted routes for an index

  • Fixed an issue with Riot and RR in generator

  • Cleaned up the implementation for asset include helpers for javascript and css

  • Added stylesheet generator. Includes sass and less ( via rack-less)


  • Fixed an issue in controller generator when using –app=app_name

  • Added mm:transate task for easily translate models

  • Updated favicon_tag to search inside images folder

  • Fixes an issue with rendering with layout false now you can use: render 'path/to/template', :layout => false

  • Small helpers refactoring

  • Fixed mailer initializer issue. Cleaned up options in delivery.rb

  • Fixes tests in padrino helper


  • Added the possibility for dsl lovers to create a single file in app called helpers.rb/controllers.rb/mailers.rb

  • Changed generated scaffold now table rows didn't contains links

  • Fixed a bug in reloader, now we prevent schema.rb reloading

  • Fixed check_box helper when :checked => false we remove them

  • Added auto template lookup with locale and format i.e: or show.js.erb or show.en.erb

  • Css refactoring and fixed an unused css in Padrino Admin generator

  • Fixed ar:structure:dump and others tasks that don't use symbols

  • Fixed compatibility with ERB and Sinatra 1.0

  • Fixed an issues with index and ar:auto:upgrade

  • Now we use Sinatra 0.9.6 since previous versions on ruby >= 1.8.7-p248 raise a segfault bug

  • Refactored executables

  • Added strip_tags helper

  • Fixed model_attribute_translate helper

  • Added favicon

  • Prevent bundler gem clashing

  • Fixed minor SASS support issue for haml generated projects


  • Improved select_tag helper, now accept :include_blank => 'My text'

  • Re-require 'tilt' since not all of us use sinatra –pre

  • Fixed a strange api change of bundler (see:

  • Removed Bundler 0.9.7 dependency and allow all versions > 0.9.7.

  • Fixed Padrino Mailer views_path when we use a “multi app” project

  • Fixed content_type in Padrino Mailer

  • Added a spec option -fs

  • Removed rspec.opts and use it directly in rake task


  • Fixed a problem with some env with generators


  • Fixed overwrite of :name in f.check_box and f.radio_button

  • Added highlight helper

  • Cleaned up (truncated) README files for Padrino gems

  • Added template agnosticism (erb/haml) in admin generator

  • Added mootools as a javascript option in project generator

  • Added cucumber as a test option in project generator

  • Added Mongoid as adapter in admin generator

  • Added Mongoid as an orm option in project generator

  • Added MongoMapper as adapter in admin generator

  • Fixed an issue with the SASS initializer for project generator

  • Fixed a small problem with DataMapper and our error helpers

  • Removed admin flash middleware (extracted to extension)

  • Minor code cleanup


  • New Padrino Admin with static theme based on web-app-theme

  • Fix routing module to work for sinatra standalone

  • Fix rendering module to work for sinatra standalone

  • Added favicon_tag helper

  • Refactored Internals of Padrino::Application

  • Added I18n helpers t and l

  • Added a new helper error_message_on

  • Added a new helper button_to

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