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@@ -70,13 +70,13 @@ of existing Sinatra Functionality!
Best way to get started with building Padrino applications is to read following resources:
+* {Padrino Guides}[] - Guides outlining the major functionality within Padrino.
* {Blog Tutorial}[] - Step-by-step guide to building a blog application with Padrino.
+* {Padrino RDoc}[] - Rdoc documentation for the Padrino framework.
* {Quick Overview}[] - Outlines basic generation commands.
* {Padrino Examples}[] - List of known Padrino applications which can serve as examples.
-To learn more about the enhanced functionality within Padrino, check out the
-{Padrino Guides}[] section of the Wiki or the README's for
-the individual Padrino gems.
+The individual Padrino sub-gems also contain README's which outlines their functionality.
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