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Minor refactoring to meta rake file (added push task)

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1 parent 743b294 commit f6b2e6ef8b3a5983586cf664254781885099b1f4 @nesquena nesquena committed Jun 4, 2010
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  1. +14 −10 Rakefile
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# rake bump[version=X.X.X] && rake publish
+# rake bump[X.X.X] && rake publish
require 'pathname'
require 'rake/clean'
@@ -29,11 +29,11 @@ def rake_command(command)
sh "#{Gem.ruby} -S rake #{command}", :verbose => true
-%w(install gemspec package).each do |task_name|
- desc "Run #{task_name} for all projects"
- task task_name do
+%w(install gemspec package).each do |name|
+ desc "Run #{name} for all projects"
+ task name do
GEM_PATHS.each do |dir|
- Dir.chdir(dir) { rake_command(task_name) }
+ Dir.chdir(dir) { rake_command(name) }
@@ -60,29 +60,33 @@ end
desc "Commits all staged files"
task :commit, [:message] do |t, args|
- system("git commit -a -m \"#{args.message}\"")
+ system(%Q[git commit -a -m "#{args.message}"])
desc "Bumps the version number based on given version"
task :bump, [:version] do |t, args|
raise "Please specify version=x.x.x !" unless args.version
version_path = File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/padrino-core/lib/padrino-core/version.rb'
version_text = = '[\d\.]+'/, "VERSION = '#{args.version}'")
- puts "Updating Padrino to version #{args.version}."
+ puts "Updating Padrino to version #{args.version}", 'w') { |f| f.puts version_text }
- Rake::Task['gemspec'].invoke
Rake::Task['commit'].invoke("Bumped version to #{args.version.to_s}")
desc "Executes a fresh install removing all padrino version and then reinstall all gems"
task :fresh => [:uninstall, :install, :clean]
-desc "Release all padrino gems"
-task :publish do
+desc "Pushes repository to GitHub"
+task :push do
puts "Pushing to github..."
sh "git tag v#{Padrino.version}"
sh "git push origin master"
sh "git push origin v#{Padrino.version}"
+desc "Release all padrino gems"
+task :publish => :push do
puts "Pushing to rubygems..."
GEM_PATHS.each do |dir|
Dir.chdir(dir) { rake_command("release") }

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