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restarting the server and refreshing admin pahe causes TypeError #752

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When I restart the server and refresh the admin page the session seems to get corrupted.
Can't convert nil into String
File: cookie.rb
Location: hexdigest
Line: 152

Also I remember that admin used to work without cookies in an earlier padrino version, can that be?

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Hi pke, this is a Rack bug (see rack/rack#223). You can fix this by adding gem 'rack', '1.4.0', :git => "git://" to your Gemfile.

Hope this helps!


Same issue here, add the rack gem to Gemfile and all works now.

Thanks mike


You need the github version of the gem, so in your gem file you have to write:

gem 'rack', '1.4.0', :git => "git://"

after this, launch "bundle install"

and then restart the server, it should work


This helps indeed. Why does it have to be the git version of the gem?


Hi pke,

Looking at the Rack bug I linked to and the GitHub repository for Rack, it looks like the issue was fixed on January 4th (rack/rack#304), whereas the "1.4.0" version of Rack was tagged on December 27th. There is currently no released/tagged version of Rack incorporating the bugfix.

Hope this helps!


Does Rack 1.4.1 include this fix?


Closing this issue (rack bug)

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