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0.10.6 No Longer Autoloads Files? #817

Wardrop opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I attempted to upgrade to 0.10.6 the other day, and found that my models and libraries weren't being autoloaded as they were in 0.10.5, or at least not before my #configure blocks were run. My configure blocks do a lot of configuration of my models and libraries, so obviously I get a lot of missing constant errors when my models and libraries have not yet been loaded.

I'm not sure if this is the intended behavior, and I'm otherwise not sure how to manually configure padrino to autoload the files in these directories BEFORE the configure block is run.


No, we didn't change that, can you post us your directory structure?

Then enable devel logger:

# config/boot.rb

Padrino::Logger::Config[:development][:log_level] = :devel

Edit a file, refresh and post also console output.

Thank you!


@Wardrop any follow up?


Might this have been related to #758? @Wardrop any news on this? Can you try with Padrino edge and Rack 1.4.3. Both @nesquena and @ujifgc can't seem to reproduce it using that combination.


Moving to 0.12.0 (can't reproduce)


Closing for now, re-open as a new issue if this persists with 0.11.0

@nesquena nesquena closed this
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