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How hard would it be to change the admin generators to use Twitter's Bootstrap? #833

cbmeeks opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I'm not very good at CSS and with Twitter's Bootstrap framework, I've actually been able to create some good looking apps. But if I wanted to install a Padrino app on a customer's site, I'm sure they will want the admin interface to match the app...which will be using the bootstrap system.



There is a branch for it, maybe you can try your luck with it:

If it works well, tell us.


i hope it work :D (i m using it in production, with slim)


@WaYdotNET you are not the only one, I know several others that do too ;).


+1 Using @WaYdotNET's fork (with haml and sequel) ... There is one downer though: I'm missing erb integration.


Closed since @WaYdotNET's bootstrap version was already integrated. Btw, I'm working on a few changes to it to improve usability, stabilise them across all supported renderers, tweak scripts, etc. Hope to be releasing a PR sometime tomorrow.


@dariocravero i'm working with new twitter bootstrap master (i'm wating 3.0 ) with few change:

in this time i have change:

  • removed redundant code and color (now use only color definted into variables.less)
  • New html structure (Footer section is always into bottom page)
  • Upgrade to new css variables
  • refactor flash message system
  • Integrate Font-Awesome 3.0


  • Refactor css
  • Refactor coffee-script
  • Refactor more html structure

Hey @WaYdotNET, great news!.. Perhaps we can work on this together? Some of the changes I did are related to those you're mentioning and some go a bit deeper. I'll push my working branch within the next few hours so you can review it and let me know what you think; we could then do a Skype call to outline how we should move forward?

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