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Include a generate templates for adding padrino-warden to a project #894

postmodern opened this Issue Aug 7, 2012 · 7 comments

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It would be nice if there were generator templates for padrino-warden.


require 'warden'

Warden::Strategies.add(:password) do
  def valid?
    params["email"] || params["password"]

  def authenticate!
    u = User.authenticate(params['email'], params['password'])
    u.nil? ? fail!("Could not log in") : success!(u)

Warden::Manager.serialize_into_session do |user|

Warden::Manager.serialize_from_session do |id|


  register Padrino::Warden
Padrino Framework member
nesquena commented Aug 7, 2012

Good idea, hope to set that up soon.

pepe commented Aug 9, 2012


@achiu achiu was assigned Aug 19, 2012

another vote for this

ghost commented Nov 28, 2012


Padrino Framework member
DAddYE commented Jan 5, 2013

can be moved in padrino-contrib?

Padrino Framework member

makes sense

Padrino Framework member

I still believe in this but it seems like it could go into contrib certainly and/or probably won't be worked on for 0.12.0. Moving to 0.12.1 for now.

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ujifgc commented Jan 22, 2014

It should really go to padrino-contrib.

@ujifgc ujifgc closed this Jan 22, 2014
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