[padrino-gen] Consider moving all static assets into data/ #900

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postmodern commented Aug 7, 2012

Static non-Ruby files should be moved into the data/ directory.


DAddYE commented Aug 8, 2012

@achiu I agree you?


ghost commented Nov 28, 2012

good idea!

achiu was assigned Dec 15, 2012


DAddYE commented Dec 15, 2012



ghost commented Dec 15, 2012

@DAddYE / @achiu

you exactly want "data"-directory that sits in the root of "padrino-framework" and holds any assets, for admin and standard-app?


DAddYE commented Dec 15, 2012

@lenzcom no, I think it is referred to the padrino-gen where we should have a data directory for templates and all non code stuff.


ghost commented Dec 15, 2012

@DAddYE ok, just wanted to clarify... at the moment we have this structure & asset content?

padrino-admin: (the assets dedicated to the admin-app)

  • padrino-framework/padrino-admin/lib/padrino-admin/generators/templates/assets/
  • ├── images
  • ├── javascripts
  • └── stylesheets

padrino-gen: (the js & unobstusive js)

  • padrino-framework/padrino-gen/lib/padrino-gen/generators/templates/static/
  • ├── js
  • └── ujs

the favico:

  • padrino-framework/padrino-gen/lib/padrino-gen/generators/project/public/favicon.ico

the scss:

  • padrino-framework/padrino-gen/lib/padrino-gen/generators/components/stylesheets/compass/partials/_base.scss
  • padrino-framework/padrino-gen/lib/padrino-gen/generators/components/stylesheets/compass/application.scss

padrino-core: ( the 404/500 error images )

  • padrino-framework/padrino-core/lib/padrino-core/images/404.png
  • padrino-framework/padrino-core/lib/padrino-core/images/500.png

that looks to me that we "maybe" should merge at least the generator parts (incl. templates and assets) from "padrino-admin" into "padrino-gen"?

Seems to need a good portion of sisyphus' working to check all the path in the generators...

What do you think?


ghost commented Dec 16, 2012



DAddYE commented Dec 16, 2012

Hi man, sorry for the delay.

Mmm we should keep it separate since not all uses padrino-admin so also for 'devs' the idea that I'm working on admin and I've everything under certain folder is quite useful.

Btw we can keep a standard data structure for all, no?


ghost commented Dec 17, 2012

at the moment I am not sure anymore if it makes sense to change the current structure.

DAddYE closed this Jan 5, 2013

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