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A collection of padrino templates and plugins
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Padrino is a Ruby framework built upon the excellent Sinatra Microframework. Sinatra is a DSL for creating simple web applications in Ruby with speed and minimal effort. This framework tries hard to make it as fun and easy as possible to code much more advanced web applications by building upon the Sinatra philosophies and foundation.

The recipes consists of two types: plugins and templates. A plugin adds additional functionality to an existing Padrino project. A template can be used as a template for a completely new Padrino application.


To run a plugin:

$ cd <path-to-my-padrino-app>
$ padrino-gen plugin <name-of-the-plugin>

If you want to contribute with a plugin please follow the convention of having _plugin appended to the name (i.e. bootstrap_plugin.rb).


To run a template:

$ padrino-gen project my_project --template [template_path]

The templates folder contains full project generation templates. These files follow the convention of having _template appended to the name (i.e sampleblog_template.rb). Included template are:

  • angular: Template for an AngularJS app. It uses bower to manage your frontend resources.
  • lipsiasoft: template with haml/960/exception notifier and more used by LipsiaSOFT.
  • mongochist: templates that generate mongoid/mongomapper with machinist.
  • sampleblog: sample blog tutorial.
  • sampleblog_dm: sample blog tutorial with DataMapper instead of ActiveRecord.

Broken plugins


Feel free to fork and add on to these recipes! Check out the Padrino Framework and its git repo.

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