The Guide To Master The Elegant Ruby Web Framework. A practical approach to learn crafting web applications in Padrino. Written by @wikimatze
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PadrinoBook - The Guide To Master The Elegant Ruby Web Framework

This book describes how I developed an application in Padrino. Feel free to fork this project and to correct my grammar. You can find the official page of the book under padrinobook.

Current version

You can find the current preview version under

Repository of the Job Vacancy Application

In this book I'm developing the job vacancy application. You can checkout the sources if you want to see the final result from this book.


Feature requests, bugs, questions, etc. can be sent to You can even fork this project, and create pull requests as you like. I will then add you to the contributor list.

If you like my work, you can let me know how much money you would spend for this book. And don't worry, this book will be free at anytime.


This software is licensed under the MIT license.

© Matthias Günther