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Software is not passionate.

I kind of get what your trying to say here but is doesn't sound right at all.
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@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ Or you can switch to a plain text editor which is a popular choice with Ruby dev
- [Vim]( "vim") (free - open source)
- [Emacs]( (free - open source).
-All tools have their strengths and weaknesses - find your most passionate piece of software or write
+All tools have their strengths and weaknesses - find software that works best for you or write
even something by yourself. The main goal is that you are comfortable with it because you will
mostly spend a lot of time with it. Due to the fact that I use the command line extensively, I
prefer to use a "classical" **text editor** (see my [vim-settings repository on github]( "vim-settings repository on github") if

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