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Paeony right now is mostly focused on scenario development. Hopefully most of the actual work will happen at Peerly.

Information about what Paeony is and what it wants to do

BillOfRights - The fundamental rights that the Paeony project honors for all of its users.

ProjectFoundations - Looks at the technical/economic foundations of the Paeony project

ThreatModel - A start on Paeony threat model

RequirementsScenarios - High level requirements and scenarios for Paeony, this really captures the vision for the project

SynchronizationIssues - Synch is at the heart of peer to peer, this talks about the issues

CouchDB - Explains why Paeony settled on CouchDB for its synch protocol

PaeonyHTML5 - Explains what we have to change/add in HTML5 to make it peer to peer friendly

Reference material important to Paeony's development

SecureInternetTraffic - Existing projects that try to secure the transmission of data on the Internet

OpenSocialNetworking - Existing projects that define open social networking infrastructures

HTML5CheatSheet - A very brief listing of key features in HTML5 that are useful to Paeony

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