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This package gives you the possibily to add gearman as native queue back-end service


first you need to add it to your composer.json

second, in config/app.php, you need to comment out the native queue service provider


and to put this instead:


Then in your config/queue.php file you can add:

'default' => 'gearman',
'connections' => array(
    'gearman' => array(
        'driver' => 'gearman',
        'host'   => 'localserver.6min.local',
        'queue'  => 'default',
        'port'   => 4730,
        'timeout' => 1000 //milliseconds

or, if you have multiple gearman servers:

'default' => 'gearman',
'connections' => array(
    'gearman' => array(
        'driver' => 'gearman',
        'hosts'  => array(
            array('host' => 'localserver.6min.local', 'port' => 4730),
            array('host' => 'localserver2.6min.local', 'port' => 4730),
        'queue'  => 'default',
        'timeout' => 1000 //milliseconds

Then in your code you can add code as (this is the native way to add jobs to the queue):

Queue::push('SomeClass', array('message' => 'The data that should be available in the SomeClass@fire method'));

Small hint, you can call Namespaced classes and everything that is written in the docs of laravel for calling custom methods is valid here, too.


I add a "service" folder to my app folder and inside I create a file "SendMail.php" The code of the class is here:


namespace TaskProcess\Services;

class SendMail {

    public function fire($job, $data)
        //I send an email to my email address with subject "gearman test" and message whatever comes from gearman
        mail('', 'gearman test', $data['message']);


In my routes file I add a new Route

Route::get('/gearman', function() {
    //in a loop I add 3 jobs to gearman with different content. The purpose is to see 3 different emails with 3 different contents
    foreach (array(1,2,3) as $row) {
        Queue::push('TaskProcess\Services\SendMail', array('message' => 'Message №' . $row));

Finally I just run on my console:

php artisan queue:listen

And I go to check what's on my email


Please if you notice a bug open an issue or submit request.

Hope this package will help you